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Published in EDRi-gram 8.23 The European Commission (EC) recently published its “Internal Security Strategy” – a wide-ranging security programme covering international crime networks, radicalisation, cybersecurity, border management and crisis/disaster management. One almost amusing element is how it included “piracy” (meaning unauthorised downloads) as a security issue. The logic is very reminiscent of the 1980s British… » read more

Published in EDRi-gram 8.23 The legislative process on Internet blocking is about to move from almost standstill to almost completed between now and the beginning of February. In the Council of Ministers, an informal agreement is planned for the Justice Council in December, while the MEP in charge in the Parliament will present her draft… » read more

Article published in EDRi-gram 7.8 On 15 April 2009 EDRi signed, together with other 50 organisations representing the civil society from around the world, the Global Civil Society Statement in support of Petition for a Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG) at ICANN. The petition sent by the Non-Commercial User Constituency (NCUC) will create an organizational structure… » read more

Bulgarian Interior Ministry will only be able to use electronic communication data stored by service providers in the case of serious crime and computer related crime, Parliament decided on February 19 2009. Amendments to the Law on Electronic Communication further limit access by the ministry by making it subject to the Law on Special Intelligence… » read more

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