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Depuis qques jours j’expérimente Twitter. Alors cela vaut-il le coup? A priori on pourrait en douter: ni Margot Wallström ni la Présidence Tchèque, ni J4M, ni Bruno Le Maire n’ayant de présence. De plus, on se fait rapidement spammer par des “blonde4ride” et autres “wannacredit”. Les rares êtres humains s’adonnent à des échanges parfois “relous.”… » read more

Next week Friday (September 19), Leonardo ENERGY organises a webinar on CPV technology, where Pedro Banda and Paqui Rubio from ISFOC will give an overview of this exciting new technology and respond to any questions you may have. You can register for the webinar using the following link: www.leonardo-energy.org/drupal/node/3584 Along with wind power, concentration photovoltaics… » read more

Date & Time: June 6, 2008 15h00 – 16h00 Speaker: Fernando Nuno, Leonardo ENERGY Register: http://snipurl.com/bulksolar Summary Thin film, silicon, concentrated solar power (CSP), concentrated photovoltaics (CPV), … These are just some of the terms demonstrating that solar technologies are rapidly entering the electricity system in countries such as the United States, Spain or Australia.… » read more

Date: Friday, May 23, 2008 – 15:00 Duration / timezone: 1 hour / Central European Time (Brussels, Paris, Berlin) Moderators: Fernando Nuno and Hans De Keulenaer, Leonardo ENERGY Enroll for this webinar  On the 23rd of January, the European Commission launched a proposal for a Directive on promoting the use of renewable energy. The Directive… » read more

This webinar discusses energy efficiency labelling and performance standards. Possible discussion topics are: Is ‘enlargement’ of the labeling scheme beneficial? How to accommodate the continuous improvement in technology? How to design schemes to phase-out old appliances? How to certify and harmonize testing centers? Financial incentives to stimulate efficient products in the market. The role of… » read more

Date: April 11, 2008 Time: 15h00 – 16h00 Europe Daylight Time (Brussels, Paris, Berlin) Moderators: Roman Targosz, Hans De Keulenaer Practical information & Registration Summary In any country, network losses are the single biggest use of electricity. In the OECD region, network losses amount for 4-10% of electricity generated. This webinar discusses the importance of… » read more

Based on a Discussion Webinar, Friday 7 March 2008 Without significant feed-in tariffs or other types of government support, photovoltaic energy is not yet competitive with fossil fuel or nuclear power generation. But the technology is on a learning curve and the so called “grid parity” – competitiveness with conventional electricity generation is approaching. But… » read more

This webinar will discuss the European Commission’s Proposal for a Directive on the Promotion of the Use of Energy from Renewable Sources. The webinar starts with a briefing on the proposal, following by a discussion on its strong and weak points. Indicative list of discussion points (other points may arise depending on participants): Cross-border transfer… » read more

Based on a Discussion Webinar, Friday, 18 January 2008 How best to heat a house is a question that is often hotly debated. On one side, it is a purely personal choice affecting our daily life and personal comfort and productivity. But on the other side, given the enormous amount of heating energy the global… » read more

Does energy efficiency come at the cost of lower reliability? Or does reliability reduce energy efficiency? Considering efficiency and security of power as a tradeoff may be the wrong perspective. The need for reliability can be driven by safety concerns (e.g. airport traffic control), social considerations (e.g. healthcare facilities) or an economic rationale (e.g. internet… » read more

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