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I sometimes complain that our political elites have lost all long-term vision focused as they are on feeding the quick-news-hungry media with sexy soundbites which have little value for the societal challenges these policy makers are supposed to tackle. It is therefore very encouraging that, occasionally , there is a political figure who manages to… » read more

Commission President Barroso today (25 Jan) expressed his support for a Davos declaration on the Millennium Development Goals and promised to “discuss with Member States the importance of scaling up aid budgets”. By putting this issue in the context of “financial aid”, developed countries can feel good about themselves. They are helping (or at least… » read more

Finland is the world’s greenest country and Swedisch capital Stockholm the best city to live in, according to a study by environmental economist Matthew Kahn published in Readers’ Digest. The study is based on data from two original sources: the UN 2006 Human Development Index and the 2005 Environmental Sustainability Index. Measuring welfare beyond GDP seems to… » read more

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