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The financial crisis that began in 2007 has put the spotlight firmly on how corporates, especially those in the financial sector, have addressed issues such as risk, reward, governance and ethics. The difficulty lies in the balance to be struck. Now that the global economy appears to be climbing gradually out of downturn, it is… » read more

Over a year ago, a commentary on this page warned about ‘the result of President Barack Hussein Obama’s policy of pouring some 4.5 Trillion dollars into the US system. The aim is to buy out toxic assets created by toxic financiers and decades of toxic government policy. The problem is that it is likely to… » read more

I was on the radio this morning discussing with eurosceptic Tory MP Bill Cash the proposal that there should be some kind of common discussion among the member state governments and the European Commission about the national budgets of the member states. The European budget is of course agreed by the member states, but it… » read more

Populism vs courage

The Greek crisis brought ‘village politics’ to the EU, as Finnish foreign minister Alexander Stubb recently said. He also spoke of “an internal crisis of the Western world”. Bad example is contagious. German Chancellor Angela Merkel staunchly resisted calls from other countries to promise help for heavily-indebted Greece. Ironically, this did not prevent her from… » read more

The problems of the Greek economy have received all the attention necessary from large German tour operators, who understand the need to dramatically increase the number of German tourists holidaying in Greece. Despite recent acrimonious exchanges between parts of the German media and Greek politicians, German intellectuals have always admired the achievements of Greek civilisation,… » read more

This simple truth has finally become evident; but it took the Greek financial crisis to carry the message home. In a 12 page communication of May 12th the EU Commission draws the appropriate policy conclusions for the EU and member states. Basically, the Commission insists on deepening and broadening the existing surveillance mechanisms of member… » read more

During the last European Council meeting, EU leaders made their position towards the Greek economic crisis clear: Greece will have EU’s help if the measures taken by the country fail to tackle the economic problems. In other words, Brussels will make sure that Greece will not need EU’s assistance; towards this direction, EU has proposed… » read more

Rail is a highly sustainable mode of transport that is well-adapted to the medium population densities present in Europe. However, the European rail networks need to be transformed deeply. To read the full article, —————————————— Post written by Laurent ZIBELL, founder of the political association “Forum Civique” (1995-1999) and of the association “European Citizens’ Seminars… » read more

Slow down the speed and increase the cost of executing orders on those financial markets where the underlying time constant is intrinsically large. Incite actors to think of the long-term evolution of their acquired assets. Increase stability and robustness on these markets. To read the full article, ———————————— Post written by Laurent ZIBELL. Founder of… » read more

Since 1992, successive reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) have introduced new non-food priorities like environmental protection, development of rural areas, climate change and renewable energy. The European institutions are trying to strengthen rural development policy to respond to these “new challenges” and part ways with the policy of supporting agricultural revenues. And […]

La situation de crise systémique que vit le monde aujourd’hui n’est plus à démontrer. Ce sont les mécanismes du système capitaliste dominant qui sont à la base d’une faillite généralisée. L’humanité et la planète entières devront en payer les conséquences. Il est donc urgent de changer de paradigme en vue d’un développement soutenable pour l’Europe… » read more

Les entreprises cotées en Bourse doivent publier, dans leur rapport annuel, leurs performances environnementales et sociales. Les paramètres à mesurer doivent être définis par la loi. Et les résultats des entreprises certifiés par un organisme tiers. Ces paramètres environnementaux et sociaux seraient autant de critères de gestion exploitables par des collectifs d’actionnaires citoyens ou par… » read more

Listed companies are required to publish their social and environmental performance in their annual reports. The measurement parameters must be defined by law. Also, the results of enterprises are certified by a third-party body. These environmental and social parameters will be management criteria for civil shareholders as well as for public authority. To read the… » read more

Nous proposons de créer des Agences Oeconomiques Territoriales (AOT), outils institutionnels d’une économie régionale durable. Les territoires sont potentiellement l’un des acteurs pivot de l’oeconomie et la brique de base de la gouvernance du 21ème siècle. Encore faut-il que ces territoires disposent des agencements institutionnels nécessaires pour valoriser leurs atouts. Ce n’est pas le cas… » read more

Nous proposons que l’Union européenne introduise progressivement des conditions environnementales et sociales à l’accès à son marché, obligeant les entreprises à prouver que les conventions internationales les plus élémentaires ont été respectées lors de la production et du transport. Le principe de l’accès qualifié au marché est une solution intermédiaire entre un libre-échange dérégulé et… » read more

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