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The international company group Itera is constructing infrastructure facilities for the oil and gas industry and is realizing social projects, Trend reports, citing a press-release from the company. MRK-Engineering, which is part of the company group, is constructing a cross-country pipeline with a control and gas registration system in Central Karakum. The pipeline is 198… » read more

For the first time in several years a flight of a Russian air company (S7 airlines) to Georgia took place today. From now on flights will operate three times a week on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.Flights between the two countries were stopped after the conflict two years ago, but transportation has now been restored.

The worldwide New Green Deal is becoming a reality. Global revenues from all climate-related businesses are now worth a stunning $530 billion. It could even exceed $2 trillion by 2020. In Europe 3.4 million jobs are already directly related to the low carbon economy, compared to 2.8 million jobs in polluting industries. Climate change has… » read more

The world is in a transition from industrial and information economy into conceptual economy. Value is in meaning, not in function. The resource of this economy are talents. They are empowered by information and communication technologies. The game is how to make use of all this talent. Businesses do open innovation, governments should do open… » read more

Economic freedom is highly valued element especially in U.S. society and its imitators. Conservative politics claims that greater economic freedom generates opportunities for people, creates wealth and respect for human rights. In Nordic countries the approach is different and the economic freedom of one individual – human or company – can be limited if […]… » read more

During the last days of 2008 Montenegro has submitted a formal application to join the European Union. Montenegro has gained independence in 2006 and signed a pre-accession Stabilisation and Accession Agreement with the EU in October 2007. It’s economy is doing remarkably good although it is highly dependent on Russian investors. EU enlargement commissioner Olli… » read more

The energy intensity of a country shows how much energy is needed to produce a single euro of gross domestic product (GDP). Central-Europe, which is more industry-oriented and has been addicted to cheap Soviet natural gas needs a lot more energy to produce its lower national income than Western Europe. This partly explains the worries… » read more

It’s worth taking a look a the last available national income figures in the world before the current economic downturn. The world map below shows GDP per capita adjusted with purchasing power, in other words, the per capita purchasing ability of gross income in countries. Countries with similar shades have an identical income, in other… » read more

Michal Lehuta has a very nice chart of a few selected EU member state’s long-term economic performance. Between 1997-2010 the gap between Central European and Western European GDP’s have diminished significantly. It looks that Slovenia will reach the EU average level at first, Slovakia and Estonia are the biggest relative winners. On the other side,… » read more

Jean Quatremer, correspondant á Bruxelles pour le journal Libération, vient de publier un post très polémique sur son blog. Le sujet est une lettre de Poul Nyrup Rasmussen (Président du PSE) envoyée à Nicolas Sarkozy avant le sommet informel de l’Union Européenne sur la crise financière que le Président Français a convoqué aujourd’hui. Le journaliste… » read more

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