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Desarrollar un blog en el que podamos hablar de cualquier asunto (economía, urbanismo, cultura. cine, literatura) con una perspectiva europea. This post was submitted by EMILIO. Original post by EMILIO

People know little about the European project. Only an ambitious and comprehensive approach can remedy this shortcoming. People should – even superficially – be aware of the whereabouts of the European project and the numerous benefits it generates. When European decisions are to be taken options should feed the public debate. European political parties shall… » read more

The boundaries of Europe are vague and hard to establish. Our borders are the principles and values that inspired the Fathers of the united Europe: democracy, social justice, peace. All these values constitute our border. That is why Europe has the duty to promote and diffuse those universal achievements, especially between our nearest neighbours of… » read more

60 ans il faut pour s’apercevoir que l’Europe a besoin d’abord des citoyens de conforter leurs liens que les jumelages en sont la plate forme de creer l’association europeenne pour mieux vivre le quotidien et aussi s v p gardons notre culture ce qui commence par la LANGUE This post was submitted by manfredi. Original… » read more

Le Réseau Éducatif Euro-Arabe Zénith est un dispositif européen pilote et une œuvre pédagogique et stratégique. Par une éducation plurielle et durable, il devra exploiter les opportunités offertes ou à explorer pour répondre aux enjeux actuels et à venir. En conformité avec les orientations et l’éthique éducatives en Europe, le réseau Zénith vise à enrichir… » read more

Europe Day 2008

Make all citizens aware of the 60 years of progress of the European idea by getting your Council local press and media involved in the civic activity of celebrating Europe Day on May 9th. Repeat this each year and reflect on 60 years of peace, prosperity and achievements that all citizens continue to enjoy. This… » read more

Most museums, schools, governments and cultural organizations complain about the lack of interest for arts, culture and cultural heritage by younger people. Attempts to lure a younger public of diverse cultural backgrounds into our cultural institutions usually end in tears and frustration. But lets be honest here: if you have to decide between having a… » read more

We need to improve the measures aimed at achieving bilingualism, starting from an early age. We also need to go one step beyond this and aim to achieve trilingualism. As far as bilingualism is concerned, the simultaneous learning of the mother tongue and one of the so-called EU working languages must be compulsory in both… » read more

I am almost 100 % sure that everyone of us has some stereotypes. Is it bad??? It’s difficult to say. We talk about Europe, its standards, values, etc. – so why can’t we discuss such a thing as European stereotypes? Are there any stereotypes concerning Europeans (as a nationality or may be a breed xD)?… » read more

Status of student

I don’t really know how this matter looks like in other European countries, but the situation in Poland is, in my opinion, a little bit crazy. All the schools, from pimary up to universities, provide their students with “student cards”. But they are valid inside Poland only. It implies two serious disadvanages: 1. It is… » read more

The UFO phenomenon is formally studied in France by the “Information and study group on unidentified aerospace phenomena” (GEIPAN) at the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES): Http://www.cnes-geipan.fr/ This service was established, in 1977, by Dr. Claude Poher who has been at the head of several European space programs and who has developed the Universons scientific… » read more

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