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Sir, Regarding ‘Jobless migrant women want more e-skills‘: Your article highlights the significant challenges faced by job-seekers in an increasingly digitised economy, or the “i-conomy” as described by the new EU commissioner for research, innovation and science; Máire Geoghegan-Quinn. Many migrants who come to work in Europe find themselves in menial jobs that do not… » read more

Last week, the Lisbon Council hosted one of my favourite events ever, The 2010 Innovation Summit. It was what an event on innovation should be: open to new ideas, collaborative and, well, simply different. Intellectually, the discussions were underpinned by a new e-brief we launched at the occasion, entitled Wikinomics and the Era of Openness:… » read more

At her speech to the Lisbon Council’s 2010 Innovation Summit last week, the EU’s highly charismatic and enthusiastic Chief Innovation Officer, Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn laid out her vision of transforming Europe into an “I-conomy”, connecting and speeding up innovation all along the whole policy chain from research to retail, building a functional single market for… » read more

eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) is a tool designed for the digital communication and presentation of financial and business data. It has been developed to allow users throughout the world to easily access timely accurate and relevant financial information from both world-wide and local organisations. However, although internal use and basic forms of digital reporting… » read more

The European Journalism Center (EJC) would like to invite enthusiastic journalists, bloggers, students and experts to join the third round of acclaimed blogging competition, TH!NK ABOUT IT. TH!NK3: Developing World will bring together some 100 bloggers, journalists, issue experts and students from the 27 EU member states, as well as neighbourhood countries […]

This article about social networks was published on 10th February 2010. The European institutions launched a campaign yesterday (9 February) to raise awareness of the threats posed by social networking websites such as Facebook for minors under 18. Meanwhile, a new report highlights new risks associated with mobile social networking. The majority of Europe’s youngsters… » read more

When is a blog not a blog?

Answer: when the blogger doesn’t publish comments or trackbacks. But why are so many of these Charade Blogs supposedly ‘blogs on European communications’? Are there too many freshly minted ’social media experts’ in Brussels? I’ve found that Eurosceptic-oriented blogs are generally very open environments – I had a comment blocked once on Devil’s Kitchen, but… » read more

SOFIA (Reuters) – Hundreds of Bulgarians protested Thursday against planned legal amendments allowing mass monitoring of emails, electronic messages and phone calls to fight crime and corruption. Under the changes to the electronic messages law, approved by parliament at first reading, Internet providers and mobile phone operators would be obliged to provide to police non-stop… » read more

So the debate about the Euroblogosphere, or the Eurosphere, or the European Public Sphere, or web2eu, or the European online public space, of whatever-we-call-it-next-week, has sparked again into life, like a Frankensteinian monster with dodgy spark plugs screwed into the base of its neck. The latest incarnation is over on the blog of Joe Litobarski,… » read more

Visualising complexity

I started out as a science journalist before moving to Europe, so I’ve always loved explaining complex things. Unfortunately, although I love words, they’re often not enough – nothing beats an infographic, or better a narrated animation, to really get complex things across. Unfortunately, I’m a rubbish artist, so until recently all I could do… » read more

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