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At last a touch of balance in Britain’s Daily Telegraph over the nomination of Michel Barnier to the internal market portfolio, with responsibility for financial services! I guess it’s no coincidence that the writer, eurosceptic Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, was the newspaper’s correspondent in Brussels from 1999 until 2004 – the same time span as Barnier’s former… » read more

On Sunday, Romanians have voted in the second round of the presidential elections, which aparently favour Traian Basescu, the current president, by 0.3 % over Mircea Geoana of PSD. (Basescu has claimed victory on 50.33 % of the votes, whereas Mircea Geoana lost with 49.66 %). No wonder the Social Democrats are accusing the president’s… » read more

Many reactions to the appointments of Herman van Rompuy as president of the European Council and Catherine Ashton as foreign policy chief have been negative. They deserve a second thought. While the secrecy in which the appointments were made is disappointing, it is understandable that consensus was needed on this occasion; hopefully not next time… » read more

The EU needs Tony Blair as its first president. The former British Prime Minister is a heavy-weight politician, who, if elected, will be a tough player in forming the EU. That is exactly what the EU needs. The EU must be focused in political issues. These kind of issues are off the table […]

The following story was published by EurActiv.com on Thursday 29th October 2009. Leading politicians of the European left appear to have dealt a fatal blow to Tony Blair’s chances of becoming the first permanent president of the European Union, confirming to EurActiv that they want the new position of EU foreign minister instead. Spanish Prime Minister… » read more

In the framework of its European Seminars, the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) organized an international high-level conference entitled: “The Delphic Oracle on Europe: Politics and Policies“. In the course of the conference a group of around 40 leading academics, practitioners, think tankers and journalists analysed and evaluated the outcome of the… » read more

The idea of boycotting undemocratic political system in Montenegro started spreading widely among citizens and political parties. For those unfamiliar with political situation, it may seem quite amazing to hear this, since most of news about the tiny Balkan state refers to it as a “prosperous country which is fastly progressing towards EU”. (Read here… » read more

Following the Positive Irish referendum result, the race for who completes the EU leadership trio quickens. The President of the Commission will be José Manuel Barroso (EPP, Portugal). He will be joined by the President of the European Council and the EU ‘Foreign Minister’. It would be preferable for the President of the European Council… » read more

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