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The EU is the most advanced part of the world in terms of energy efficiency. But there remains a substantial potential for improving its record beyond past achievements. Following the guidelines established by the European Council in February 2011 and the Commission policy paper of March 2011 the Commission has submitted a draft directive on… » read more

The Big Lewandowski

Shocking! Outrageous! Unacceptable! Barroso has to fire Lewandowski, point! Such are the cries of EU environmental activists concerning recent remarks by EU Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski. His crime? The Commissioner made certain remarks in an interview that were factually correct but counter to what NGO climate activists have been saying. And rather than engaging in… » read more

Guest post by FoE Europe. Next week, the Environment Council and Parliament have the opportunity to show Europe is serious about climate change when they adopt guidelines on cutting emissions. Evidence that an EU wide 30% domestic target for 2020, and even a 40% target, will trigger economic, social and environmental benefits is increasing rapidly.… » read more

The forthcoming Energy Council will consider the recently presented Energy Efficiency Plan2011. As the Plan itself makes clear, we are currently set to miss the EU’s 20% energysavings target by half – thereby missing out on substantial gains in terms of ‘enhancedcompetitiveness’, ‘security of energy supply and sustainability at low cost’ as well as estimated… » read more

The third biggest European oil and gas company, TOTAL, has decided to buy a majority stake in Sun Power, the second US manufacturer of solar panels. This follows earlier engagements in solar ventures, including research, but it is the biggest investment so far ($ 1.4 billion). The acquisition reflects rising tensions in the energy markets… » read more

For the sixth year in a row cafebabel.com, the European magazine, is going ‘on the ground’ with monthly reporting missions. For the 2010/ 2011 year, it’s in the framework of ‘Green Europe on the ground’. What? ‘cafebabel.com” is a citizen media aiming to empower European citizens. We offer young journalists the opportunity to experience a genuine… » read more

Posted by Brook Riley (FoEE), Erica Hope (CAN-E), Arianna Vitali (WWF), Christian Debono (EEB) In six weeks time Hungary will take over the EU presidency. With many major legislative proposals under preparation for 2011, this is a critical time for the EU’s climate and energy policy. Decisions made next year will set the stage for… » read more

European Energy Commissioner, Guenther Oettinger called for investments to the amount of EUR1tn for new grids and power stations. The plan will focus on boosting renewable technologies such as building CO2 storages for coal-fired power plants and new grids for wind and solar energy. According to the newspaper “Handelsblatt”, however the question is whether the… » read more

EurActiv is pleased to invite you to the workshop : Turkey’s role to deploy energy intiatives in R&D Policy for regional prosperity Tuesday, 9 November 2010 Where does Turkey’s growing dynamic renewable energy sector stand in Europe’s energy policy? How to connect Turkey to European electricty grid? R&D in Turkey’s energy sector What is the… » read more

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