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Last week we informed about the first meeting of future’s geoEnergia technology platform’s working group. Let’s look at the event closer. The first working meeting of the group took place on 24th June 2010 in Bratislava with the aim of creating the National technological platform geoEnergia. The meeting was attended by 15 participants from various… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Electric cars push needs’careful thinking’‘ The discussion about electric cars is very narrow. Many people around the world question the Western lifestyle, with its huge mobility and huge consumption of energy, including fuel for the transport sector. Any action should start with questioning transport ‘needs’ and look at how we can maintain essential… » read more

Geothermal energy could become the solution for low-carbon future as well as for countries’ energy independence. Some two weeks ago, European Climate Foundation (ECF) published the analysis titled “Roadmap 2050”, which expressed quite positive attitude to geothermal energy. Of course, the study conditions the further exploitation of geothermal energy by investing into research and development… » read more

Last week, we as Geothermal Anywhere, attended the Innovation Policy and Technology Transfer Conference in Bratislava. The discussion was about research, development and innovations in our country. The event was organized by American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia, the Government Office of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic.… » read more

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