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A quick visit to the Kolubara mining basin reveals that the resettlement there looks nothing like the presentation from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development that financed the project to which it is related. posted on the Bankwatch blog by Nikola Perusic, Campaigner in Serbian Bankwatch member group CEKOR During a recent visit to… » read more

By Berber Verpoest, Bankwatch A roundtable discussion on European public banks and energy lending brought together Members of the European Parliament and non-governmental organisations, while the public banks themselves chose to stay away. “It’s your energy” goes the slogan of Electrabel, Belgian’s primary energy company. But of course that’s not true.

Today we’re relieved in Zagreb as one energy project that could have had a destructive impact on Croatia’s future has lost its financing and thus its chances of going ahead are drastically reduced: I’m speaking about the infamous Ombla dam, a project for an underground hydropower plant that would have practically destroyed a protected area… » read more

Britain is greedy for some industry, while Germany is afraid of losing its competitive advantage; Europe is on the verge of plunging blindly into hydraulic fracturing, the shining solution which could let us down completely. European Energy Commissioner, Günther Oettinger, has recently told German press that the EU energy department will be looking into shale… » read more

Just as Bankwatch published a new infographic juxtaposing the European Investment Bank’s beneficial and harmful energy lending, Europe’s political leaders have set a priority for energy investments to phase out fossil fuel subsidies and focus on clean energy instead. posted on the Bankwatch blog by Sven Haertig-Tokarz, Bankwatch web editor One of the agenda points… » read more

The energy director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has made astonishing statements about coal investments prompting Bankwatch’s EBRD campaign team to react. posted on the Bankwatch blog by Fidanka Bacheva-McGrath, Bankwatch EBRD campaign coordinator At about the same time as scientists declared an unprecedented and increasingly dangerous CO2 concentration in the earth’s… » read more

The EU is in the process of defining its energy/climate policy beyond 2020. This is timely for two reasons: European business needs to be fixed on the policy framework for their long-term investments related to energy, transport, buildings, grids etc. The EU must have advanced on its medium-term climate strategy before engaging in the negotiations… » read more

The proposal to address the issue of indirect land use change (ILUC) in European biofuel policy has advanced in the European Parliament, as MEP Corinne Lepage of France released her draft report in the Environment Committee. ILUC refers to unintended consequences of making biofuels—for example, if a policy preference for corn ethanol creates incentives for… » read more

The final results of the public consultation on INTELLIGENT ENERGY – EUROPE III IN HORIZON 2020 have been published on the DG Energy website, with responses identifying the public sector and local and regional authorities as priorities in the next funding period. The objective of the consultation was to seek the view of relevant stakeholders… » read more

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