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Situation in Gaza is escalating to full scale war with already some 400 deaths and triple of that in hospitals. Using of force can stop rockets from Gaza to Israel for a while but what after that. Gaza strip is so small piece of land hat creating a sufficient buffer-zone – minimum 40 km for… » read more

How exciting. Last time was 2005, when I did singularly poorly in the face of tough competition. This time I’m up against the usual suspects of Dale and Guido (each with a daily readership that this blog would struggle to get in half a year, by their own accounts), mentalist lefty Neil Clark (who won… » read more

We recently spoke to Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle, Executive Director of The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which was set up by the European Union in 2002 as an “an independent source of scientific advice and communication on risks associated with the food chain”. Ms Geslain-Lanéelle told us about EFSA’s remit, workload and resources; and went on… » read more

X-mas news from Bosnia were a bit confusing. The directors of Sarajevo’s day-care centres, kindergartens and pre-schools banned Santa. I personally detest Santa – especially its Coce version – but if someone likes him it’s up to them. More serious however is if this event reflects something more about today’s society in […] 

Lost in Showbusiness

CNN was wrong to use Anderson Cooper as a host for its Heroes gala. Anderson Cooper is a tough reporter. That is his trademark. Using him as a host of a tv gala is usurping his credits. Anderson Cooper hosted CNN’s Heroes show on 24th of December. It was classic tv -gala with pop stars… » read more

Sarah Pettitt, a farmer based in Lincolnshire in the UK, who is also Vice Chairman of the Board for Horticulture & Potatoes at the National Farmers Union, spoke to us very passionately about her fears concerning the pending revisions to the European regulation governing pesticides (91/414). Hear what she had to say in the video… » read more


That’s my excuse for the lack of posts, and I’m sticking to it… And as we head to 2009, it seems we’re in for more of the same, as Russia once again starts playing politics with Ukraine’s gas supply. Yay. (More at Siberian Light)  

The earthquake of May 12th, 2008, whose epicentre was located in Wenchuan in the Sichuan region, spread over 10 provinces and regions. We all know about its magnitude and consequences : tens of thousands of deaths, multiple destructions, five million people left homeless, further threats with the degradation of the dams. A huge relief effort… » read more

The European Union has presently 22 official languages. The Official Journal publishes every piece of EU legislation in each of these official languages. When the 27 European heads of government or the European Parliament meet, a host of interpreters enables them to listen and speak in their national language. The Commission operates in three working… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘UK Conservatives vow to fight back after Lisbon setback‘: Mr Cameron’s position is intellectually dishonest. He knows full well that he cannot “negotiate” further opt-outs, not least because the UK already has quite many. He wants to have his cake and eat it: staying in the EU in order to throw a spanner… » read more

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