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CHP chairman Kemal Kilicdaroglu spoke to NTV, one of Turkey’s premier private news channels. Kilicdaroglu announced that in Wednesday’s party caucus meeting he’ll be consulting members on the make-up of the Central Administrative Committee, CHP’s top decision making body. Kilicdaroglu was also asked his reply to PM Erdogan’s comments that “He’ll get used to politics”.… » read more

(This current article is a part of my previous article “Some news regarding Turkey IV” published earlier this month. But I wish I suggested it separately with a new title. I also improved it with an additional comment and several lines). To start with, in my blog I denounce the treason of the EU towards… » read more

First of all, several governments of the European Union want absolutely to organize a referendum about Turkey’s EU membership. But it is revealing that they didn’t want to organize a referendum about the Lisbon treaty (Ireland only organized one). That is crystal clear: they were afraid that their citizens might vote against that treaty, that… » read more

Busloads of people from Serbia and Macedonia, two countries for which the visa requirement was abolished last December, are seeking asylum in Belgium, Sweden, Germany. The ethnicity of those people is not the point. The point is that their motivation is purely economic, while asylum is granted on political grounds. Most of […]

Last Saturday and Sunday the citizens of two small European countries, Latvia and Bosnia, went to the polls to elect new parliamentary and presidential leaders, respectively. Both countries are experiencing severe ethnic tensions that could, if unchecked, drag into the fray larger neighbouring federations, such as the EU or Russia. Parliamentary elections in Latvia Latvians… » read more

The press must be crazy

Hey guys, look at those contradictory titles: EU to Take Legal Action Against France Over Gypsy Expulsions, against EU legal action ruled out against France over Roma. Or Brussels blinks in legal row with Sarkozy over Roma expulsion, and then Roma ultimatum given to France by EU: allow free movement or face court. I could… » read more

Since the crisis this week-end, the split of Belgium received further credits and some in Wallonia are effectively elaborating on their future without Flanders. The wheel of fortune turns. Now, Flanders appears to be afraid… Read background on Belgian politics for dummies… and EU-afficionados According to a recent survey by Dedicated Research, Flanders is afraid… » read more

Leader of the Opposition and the President of the CHP Mr Kilicdaroglu calls all the democrats to support his position on the constitutional amendments package put to the referendum. Please click here to view the letter of Mr Kılıçdaroğlu: http://bit.ly/bkxgEs Excerpts : The High Board for Judges and Public Prosecutors (HBJP) should be in compliance… » read more

The leader of Turkey’s main opposition party, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, is attempting to lower the country’s election threshold in parliament, which is the highest in Europe, ahead of a general election next year. EurActiv Turkey contributed to this article. Background The European countries whose election thresholds exceed 5% are Moldova (6%), Georgia (7%), Russia (7%) and… » read more

Norway’s «gag rules»

“So, when is Norway joining the EU?” That question surely comes a Norwegian’s way quite often when studying the EU abroad. However, with two negative referendums in the bag, as well as a strong opposition against membership, it might seem distant. Nevertheless, Norwegian integration into the EU is taking place anyway without a lot of… » read more

Fifteen years ago on 11 July 1995 the Bosniak town of Srebrenica, declared a safe area under United Nations protection, fell into the hands of Serb forces under the command of General Mladic. What followed was a merciless slaughter unparalleled in Europe since the end of the Second World War. Approximately 8 000 men and… » read more

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