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Being actively involved in raising awareness of the upcoming European elections and trying to increase young voters’ turnout, we have identified a number of impediments that under certain circumstances limit citizens’ opportunities to participate in the elections. In a previous article, AEGEE put forward a debate about inequalities that exist in the EU Member States… » read more

by Sir Christopher Audland, former Deputy Secretary General of the European Commission/// The debate in the UK has for a while now been revolving around the notion of “reforming” the EU. A lot has been said about improving the way the EU operates but, as it is often the case, the rhetoric ignores existing initiatives… » read more

In linguistics, describing a word as a false friend implies that despite similarity in spelling or pronunciation, it actually has distinct – sometimes even contradictory – meanings in different languages. Describing rare diseases as ‘rare’ creates a similarly false association, one which implies they have a limited impact and scarcely occur. Drawing such a parallel… » read more

Georgian public opinion backs the village of Kaishi in the Georgian mountains that defiantly defends its land and tradition against the planned Khudoni dam. The project promoters have now embarked on an all-out promotion campaign including a fake non-governmental organisation. by David Chipashvili, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog Local communities that are demanding fair treatment… » read more

According to international analytics, the situation with paying for external liabilities is quite manageable in Ukraine. In this regard, foreign bonds holders do not share concerns about a possible Ukraine’s default. They believe it is corroborated by valuation of Ukrainian Eurobonds at international stock exchanges. Thus, on the international stock markets Eurobonds maturing in June… » read more

By Kathalijne Buitenweg Le Pen and Wilders are leading by example. They aspire to form a European political group in the European Parliament, and are openly campaigning for that goal. Many other parties are more silent on their brothers-in-arms. But voters should realise: a vote on a national candidate will strengthen the European alliance to… » read more

In 2013 the London Subway, with 402 km the second longest subway system on earth after Shanghai, celebrated its 150th anniversary without being widely celebrated as a ground-breaking engineering event Today, mass transit systems like subways have become indispensable for urban passenger transport. Their numbers have risen continuously since 1863, from Istanbul to Paris, Berlin,… » read more

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