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Michal Lehuta has a very nice chart of a few selected EU member state’s long-term economic performance. Between 1997-2010 the gap between Central European and Western European GDP’s have diminished significantly. It looks that Slovenia will reach the EU average level at first, Slovakia and Estonia are the biggest relative winners. On the other side,… » read more

Perhaps my frustration is causing too much repetition of what I write. But I am depressed at our collective failure in Europe to pull ourselves together. Forget for a moment the Lisbon Treaty, instititutional reform, administrative reorgnisation…It is indisputable that that the European Union has helped bring peace, stability and prosperity to Western Europe and… » read more

Seven Nato nations (Germany, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy and Spain) have backed a new cyber defence centre in Estonia. The seven allies will fund and staff the new command center in Tallinn. The US will initially send an observer to the project, which will have some 30 staff when fully operational in August. Last year… » read more

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