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Justice and Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi – AKP), is undoubtedly the dominant political force in contemporary Turkey’s political scene. It has been so since 2002 when it first came to power and keeps strengthening its position steadily ever since. It is indicative to mention that in 2002 it managed to attract a 34.43%… » read more

Les égos des euroblogs

L’actualité des euroblogs commence par blogginportal.eu, un pavé dans la mare de l’information sur l’UE laché par Andreas de Kosmopolit, par l’infatigable Jon Worth et épaulés par Stefan Happer de Politik Portal. Blogginportal.eu ne se contente pas d’agréger les posts de l’euroblogosphère (et il y a en a un paquet), ce nouveau site sélectionne ce… » read more

This is just a short analysis about BloggingPortal.eu, “the new place to read EU blogs and keep yourself updated on the EU blogosphere” (Kosmopolito). I know there’s been already quite a buzz a few days ago about the launch of this new collaborative portal but I’d like to share my personal thoughts with you. Description… » read more

How to read EU blogs?

A novelty has appeared in the European blogosphere: bloggingportal.eu. As they themselves put it, it could become a “new way to read blogs about EU affairs”. The blogaggregator syndicates the content from currently 278 blogs about Europe and the European Union in as many languages as possible. By also structuring and rating the different posts… » read more

Though not being offically launched, I would like to talk about a promising European web project run by Café Babel, EUDebate2009.eu. Café Babel – the leading multilingual EU media among the “students and young professionals” (18-35 years old) – is trying to trigger interest about the importance of the upcoming European Parliamentary elections 2009. This… » read more

Today’s article will be on a A Fisful of Euros, the famous high quality multi-user blog on European affairs. Description A Fisful of Euros is a multi-user blog dedicated to “important developments from NATO to UEFA, from the EU to Eurovision”. There are currently 15 active authors and a dozen of additional worth contributors. Though… » read more

Today’s article will be on a Les Euros du Village, a young dynamic EU media platform. Description Les Euros du Village is a collaborative web project launched on the 1st June 2005 by Mathieu Collet – currently the head of the eponym association (ASBL) – with the goal to “strive towards the establishment of both… » read more

Today’s article will be on a major French EU Media namely Touteleurope.fr. Description Touteleurope.fr is French Web portal on European issues set by the French European Centre of Information in May 2006. In the scope of the French EU Presidency, Touteleurope.fr is currently leading a project called “Paroles d’Européens” meant to give young French citizens… » read more

Today’s post will be about Café Babel an European affairs magazine well-known for its EU blog platform. Don’t hesitate to correct me if I am wrong. Description Café Babel was created in 2001 by European students to trigger the debate about EU issues among the young Europeans. 8 years after its launch, Café Babel is… » read more

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