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A step backwards? Hardly

In an interview with the FT, Nick Clegg today declared that the Coalition Government would not use the negotiations over a new EU treaty to repatriate powers from Brussels to London. “We are not going to reopen this issue of the repatriation of powers….

I Want Your Money Back!

EU institutions and member states are warming up for the negotiations on the post-2013 EU budget, which are just around the corner. French MEP Alain Lamassoure, who chairs the European Parliament’s Committee on Budgets, said yesterday that national gov…

all or nothing?

Over the last few days a story first picked up on EUobserver, then Austrian daily Wirtschafts Blatt and again today on Euractiv looks at the future of EU cohesion (also referred to as regional or structural) policy in the upcoming EU budget negotiation…

Avoiding the issue

Within the next year, the UK Government (whoever it will be) will find itself in crucial negotiations over the next EU ‘financial framework’, which will decide who pays what into the EU budget over the period 2014 to 2020.You will remember that Tony Bl…

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