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If you gained a 32.5% majority in any election, would you be pleased? No doubt. It is a resounding victory over your opponent. Is the European Parliament boasting about the results in the June election of last year? Hardly. The majority of Europeans voted AGAINST the MEPs. They voted against the Parliament. They voted against… » read more

SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTRE – EUROPE News Releases Paris, 1 June 2009 Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations, Dr Shimon Samuels, urged the European Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) “to launch an investigation into the financing and promotion campaigns of MEPs who will be elected this week to the new European Parliament and who espouse antisemitic,… » read more

The Conference of European Presidents have decided that three reports on the Lisbon Treaty (Brok, Dehaene and Leinen), adopted by the Constitutional Affairs Committee, would not be put to plenary. The reason is that a major public debate on arrangements applying the Lisbon Treaty could affect adversely the second Irish referendum. Parliament has obviously caught… » read more

A quelques semaines des élections, il est grand temps de s’attarder un petit moment sur les sites de campagne des partis. Ce qui marque le plus, c’est la généralisation du site organisé en “réseau social”. Finalement, la campagne de Barack Obama aura été utilisée comme un phénoménal argument publicitaire en faveur des réseaux sociaux numériques.… » read more

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