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For already more than 20 years Romania has adopted the European way – there is no doubt about that. The declaration signed on June 21 1995 at Shttp://blogactiv.eu/wp-admin/edit.phpna… by representatives of all political parties at that time in Romania, clearly expressed its intention to support European integration. It was a huge step on the road […]


Very advisable the supplement “Europe” that THE COUNTRY publishes together with other five important European diaries: The Guardian, Gazeta Wiborcza, The Stampa, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Peel Him. This supplement, the quarter that is published from 2012, approaches the discouragement and the increasing distrust in all the European countries and is structured in eight paragraphs. In… » read more

This is the title of Bulgarian daily “24 chasa” yesterday (25 April). I thought this was a decent newspaper, but I was wrong. The article was included in the daily press review of the European Commission (see photo). I know how the Bulgarian press works. This is a publication commissioned from very high places, which… » read more

Beyond 2020

Already Brussels is looking beyond 2020 for its climate and energy targets, with the European institutions in recent weeks endorsing 2030 goals and opening public consultation on the 2030 policy framework. Leading questions include – what type, nature and level of climate and energy targets should be set for post-2020? How can coherence between different… » read more

By Dr. Kati Cseres Hungary is walking off the road of constitutional democracy, the rule of law and the protection of fundamental rights, which it has firmly endorsed since its transition in 1989 from one-party system to a democratic society with checks and balances. While this is a worrying phenomenon in itself, it constitutes a… » read more

Then we take Berlin

Europe is not only Germany. It is not only France nor Austria or Finland. Europe is above all the fundamental idea of co-existence, the basis from which any global initiative aiming at creating a federal union has to stem from. Europe is also Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus. Therefore the major issue of concern is not… » read more

Les institutions européennes (Commission européennes, présidence de l’Union européenne, Conseil de l’Europe)sont sommées par les forces politique de faire leur devoir. Le Conseil de l’Europe somme Athènes de faire face au « danger » d’Aube dorée. Une fois de plus Mme Reding menace la Hongrie, le compte à rebours est lancé (cf. autre article dans Nea say).… » read more

The final results of the public consultation on INTELLIGENT ENERGY – EUROPE III IN HORIZON 2020 have been published on the DG Energy website, with responses identifying the public sector and local and regional authorities as priorities in the next funding period. The objective of the consultation was to seek the view of relevant stakeholders… » read more

In general in all the western countries Jews have been in the forefront to support democracy. Indeed, it is only natural for the the ethnic minority to rely on the legal system that sets grounds for its secure existence, rather than to depend on the mood of a governing individual. Today, Jewish activists and Jewish… » read more

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