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Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, the new Commissioner responsible for research, innovation and science, was not prominently mentioned in the media reports on the European Parliament hearings (except perhaps in her home country Ireland). However, she did leave a positive “can do” impression and did not face any difficulties in passing the European Parliament’s assessment of the Barroso… » read more

The following article about Commission spokespersons was published on 22nd January 2010 by EurActiv. Despite the EU executive’s efforts to hire a more multilingual and diverse team for its spokespersons’ service, critics condemn the “dangerous” trend in the European institutions towards the linguistic and cultural hegemony of the English language. An internal document seen by… » read more

Subject: Europe’s foundational Declaration of Inter-Dependence Communicating Europe with “old documents” Dear President Barroso and Commissioners, Congratulations on your new positions. During the coming months, the 60th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration must be planned to take place on 9 May 2010. I hope that the entire Commission will give great thought to the preparations… » read more

First step: Read the Treaties! Here’s what Europe’s founding treaty says: “Members … shall exercise their functions in complete independence, in the general interest of the Community. In the fulfilment of their duties, they shall neither solicit nor accept instructions from any government or from any organization. They shall abstain from […]

The past six weeks have seen comments/visits by EU Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner to the following: Armenia – Upcoming visit in February 2008/implementation of Action Plan/Inclusion in Baku-Tbilisi-Kar railway Georgia – Upcoming visit planned early February 2008/Free Trade Agreement negotiations (expected completion 2009) Tajikistan/Afghanistan – Stronger border controls Pakistan – +61 person observer mission for February 17th,… » read more

The past six weeks have seen the EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson make notable announcements on China, Iraq, and, South Korea. Trade talks were also held with the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority. At the 10th China-EU summit meeting in November besides highlighting the balance of EU-China trade reference was made to ways in… » read more

The following table is drawn from Commission comments in the 2007 progress report on Turkey’s EU accession process which was released 6 Nov 2007. In addition the Commission submitted a revised Accession Partnership document to Council that revises Turkey’s short and medium term priorities. Original post by mlpoltic

The Commission proposes 9% per annum growth in pre-accession assistance from E1.1bn in 2007 to E1.5bn by 2011 to be shared between Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, and, Kosovo. In this period the share for Turkey is projected to rise from 45-51% while that of Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and, […] Original… » read more

Nobody in the EU press room?

Today some EU journalists might have asked themselves what happened to the online version of the EU press room. The Europeans Union’s main site for announcements and new publications still showed the date of Monday, 5/11/2007 and not a single new item on Tuesday evening. Maybe all available EU webmaster have been busy with the… » read more

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