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By Protesilaos Stavrou In the early hours of March 25, the eurogroup reached an agreement on the macroeconomic adjustment programme for Cyprus, which is in my humble opinion more just than the previous deal that placed asymmetric losses on small depositors while not touching senior bondholders when dealing with the downsizing of the banking system.… » read more

The Cyprus bailout deadlock came to remind us that the Eurozone establishment is something we had really over-appreciated 11 years ago. The idea behind the single currency structure was to decrease instability, increase growth and smooth structural deficiencies between member-states. Nowadays, the conclusion is that Eurozone is a forum of European member-states with no decisional… » read more

By Savvas Poulos To: Chairman of the European Council, Mr. Herman Van Rompuy Chairman of the European Committee, Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso Chairman of the European Parliament, Mr. Martin Schulz Athens, March 19th, 2013 Honorable Gentlemen, The befalling privatization of the Greek Public Gas Corporation (DEPA) reveals the deadlock into which the EuropeanUnion is heading… » read more

By Andres Laiapea, conservative and a member of the Pirate Party in Estonia. There has been a lot of talk on how the direct election of the President of the European Commission could provide democratic legitimacy. But it might in fact backfire in the most devastating manner. It appears many agree by now that there… » read more

“Nothing beats the truth.” These were the passionate words of Enda Kenny, prime minister of Ireland, when asked last week about the spring European Council on 14-15 March. He was talking about a moment of reckoning for the continent’s leaders, as they confront increasingly hostile electorates, most recently exhibited in Italy where voters sent a… » read more

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