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The link below provides a web based database of EU member state missions in Asia. The goal being to understand where EU member states have embassies or consulates within Asia. EU Member state embassies and consulates in Asia. At this stage we have simply compiled the data and written the code to make the program… » read more

Most Germans say they aren’t benefiting from the country’s economic expansion, a poll conducted by market researcher Forsa showed in December 2007.Eighty-three percent of Germans said economic growth is neither to their personal advantage nor do their friends and relatives profit from it, the poll for stern magazine and RTL television found. Seventeen percent said… » read more

The following table is drawn from Commission comments in the 2007 progress report on Turkey’s EU accession process which was released 6 Nov 2007. In addition the Commission submitted a revised Accession Partnership document to Council that revises Turkey’s short and medium term priorities. Original post by mlpoltic

The Commission proposes 9% per annum growth in pre-accession assistance from E1.1bn in 2007 to E1.5bn by 2011 to be shared between Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, and, Kosovo. In this period the share for Turkey is projected to rise from 45-51% while that of Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and, […] Original… » read more

Nobody in the EU press room?

Today some EU journalists might have asked themselves what happened to the online version of the EU press room. The Europeans Union’s main site for announcements and new publications still showed the date of Monday, 5/11/2007 and not a single new item on Tuesday evening. Maybe all available EU webmaster have been busy with the… » read more

Of those Directorate Generals that the Commission classifies as External Relations the table below provides the budget / staff ratio for each DG. DG Budget Share Staff Share External Relations 3,527 3% 2,623 8% Development 1,244 1% 2,120 6% Enlargement 1,065 NM 645 2% Humanitarian Aid 750 NM 213 NM Trade 72 NM 553 2%… » read more

One striking observation is the distribution of budget commitments by DG relatve to staff. For even though External Relations (taken here to include External Relations, Trade, Development, Enlargement, and, Humanitarian Aid) has 18% of Commission staff it garners just 5% of the Euro 124bn budget. While in contrast the 3% of staff in Agriculture […]

The current term of the European Commission expires 31 October 2009 when a fresh President and commissioners will be appointed. There are 40 Directorates-General (DG) in the Commission and can be found at the following link. http://ec.europa.eu/dgs_en.htm Here DGs for Development, Enlargement, Europe Aid, External Relations, Humanitarian Aid, and, Trade are grouped under External Relations.… » read more

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