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On 20 June 1950, Robert Schuman, French Foreign Minister, opened the Schuman Plan Conference, that gave birth to modern Europe, based on the European Communities. This supranational Community system made a complete break with history and Europe’s record of wars and bloodshed. The Conference defined the five major democratic institutions of Europe: European Commission (High… » read more

For more than half a century the European Commission has refused to tell the truth about its own origins. In all that period they have never — to my knowledge — published the complete text of the SCHUMAN DECLARATION. On 9 May 1950 — 60 years ago — Robert Schuman made a declaration before the… » read more

Complicating Cyprus

The election of Derviş Eroğlu as president in northern Cyprus complicates Turkey’s EU accession negotiations, as well as the already thorny negotiations over the island republic’s reunification, Robert M Cutler writes for ISN Security Watch. Derviş Eroğlu, who became prime minister in northern Cyprus in 2009, won 50.4 percent of the vote […]

Ashton under attack

Further to the post of 25 January, Baroness Ashton is still under attack for not going to Haiti, notwithstanding that the UN had requested that dignataries do not visit the island, so as not to disrupt the emergency aid activities. She stated then that Development & Humanitarian Aid Commissioner, Karel De Gucht, would go when… » read more

The op-ed in today’s Financial Times by David Milliband, the UK Foreign Secretary, convincingly argues that the Tories are stuck in the past over Europe. The outcome of the domestic political battle in the UK today will have major implications for Europe and indeed internationally. When and if David Cameron becomes prime Minister, the Lisbon… » read more

I said the No side would take Ireland out of the EU. Take “Ireland’s Biggest Free Paper” a Catholic newspaper distributed at the entrance to churches in Ireland. http://www.alive.ie/ – in case you think I am making this up.) In a long feature piece entitled The Lisbon Treaty Your Right to Know, the paper lists,… » read more

The op-ed by Henry Kissinger and George Shultz (International Herald Tribune, 30 September) is worth a careful read. I do not share Kissinger’s balance of power view of the world but this is not the theme. They favour a rapid evolution toward EU membership for Ukraine, questioning the urgency with which NATO membership of Georgia… » read more

Who Cares About EU Membership?

Who Cares About Europe? is the caption of the Charlemagne column in the last issue of The Economist. Whether voter indifference needs to be managed or feared is a pertinent question. Comparing it with national attitudes towards government is inappropriate. National politicians may have lost the trust of their electorates but the national system […]… » read more

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