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‘The time has come to start re-aligning EU financing with the principles of autonomy, transparency and fairness and equipping the EU to reach its agreed policy objectives.‘ These are the words of European Commission’s ‘A Budget for 2020‘ — its proposals for a multi-annual financial framework (MFF) 2013-2020. The proposal was presented by Commission President… » read more

In just a few days, Poland will take over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. How will the Presidency tackle the issue of human rights? On 31 May 2011, the Council of Ministers adopted the “Six-Month Programme of the Polish Presidency”. One of the main tasks of the Polish Presidency will be… » read more

President of DIGITALEUROPE, Dr Erkki Ormala, writes about the European Digital Agenda for neurope: Europe is at a cross road. In the climate of a continuing fiscal crisis most of our energy is focused on short-term fiscal consolidation. This issue must be resolved in an appropriate way to restore macroeconomic stability which ultimately is a… » read more

Dear President Barroso and Presidents of European institutions, Today 18 April 2011 marks the sixtieth Anniversary of the foundation of European Democracy. It is also the Birthday of the Commission although the Commission together with the other institutions that were also created that day refuse to acknowledge it. Not even a press release was published.

Ankara aiming for Influence

NATO’s Lisbon summit led to calls from Turkey for a right to consultations on the EU’s CSDP, while EU officials retorted that it is impossible for Ankara to have any say in the planning of EU military missions (EUObserver, November 21). Although there are some channels of influence for third countries participating in the CSDP,… » read more

Seventy years ago Europeans fought a war about theft of property. The Nazis were kleptocrats. The gang stole from everyone they could. It became a planetary war. In Germany Hitler disenfranchised many of his honest citizens. He stripped them of their wealth and then sent them with any persistent supporters, Jews, Christians, journalists or politicians,… » read more

Can the Council and the European Council be taken to Court for illegal action on the budget? The question was raised following my last commentary. Billions of public money are involved in a time of austerity and financial crises. The European Council, the Council of Ministers and the Parliament could all be potential offenders and… » read more

The Lisbon Treaty was not ALL dictated by politicians who wanted more power and more money for their careers. Initially it was called the Constitutional Treaty, with which it is largely identical. (It was never a constitution but merely another treaty as Mr Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, its architect, said many times.) The drafting of that… » read more

We need more… what?

President Barroso’s state of the Union was undoubtfully an unprecedented speech, but even revealed a couple of things, which may be useful to think about. The Portuguese head of Comission is the first to serve two mandates since 1995, when the doubling frenchman Jacques Delors was replaced by Jacques Santer. Does Barroso have the chance… » read more

Looking at Russia, Pakistan or China this summer, we can bet environment will come back on people radars and political agendas. Let’s face it: no viable and timely global solution exist for current population and CO2 emissions. But as population growth is part of the risk, I am curious how Europe is positioned to building… » read more

The following is the first part of a summer series of disquiet. While the Risk Monger writes this blog to ridicule the fear mongers, there are certain risks that keep him awake at night. No it is not rising sea levels or contaminated food chains, ensuing pandemics or pervasive chemicals – I’ll leave those for… » read more

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