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This story about Europe as an Innovation Union was published by EurActiv on 2nd March 2010. The EU’s new growth strategy, due to be rubber-stamped by the new Barroso Commission on Wednesday (3 March), includes a blueprint for transforming Europe into an ‘Innovation Union’ by 2020. A leaked draft of the ‘Europe 2020′ strategy ties… » read more

We’ve heard a lot about banks that are “too big to fail”. Perhaps a more immediate question is whether the sovereign nation of Greece is too big to fail. The risk of default and the threat of Greece quitting the eurozone would have profound implications for Europe’s monetary union, for other European countries wrestling with… » read more

Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, the new Commissioner responsible for research, innovation and science, was not prominently mentioned in the media reports on the European Parliament hearings (except perhaps in her home country Ireland). However, she did leave a positive “can do” impression and did not face any difficulties in passing the European Parliament’s assessment of the Barroso… » read more

This article about EU officials was published by EurActiv on 21st January 2010. Ahead of a confirmation vote in the European Parliament on 9 February, EU commissioners are being asked by their president, José Manuel Barroso, to make their cabinets more multinational and gender-balanced, an internal note seen by EurActiv reveals. The internal note distributed… » read more

A Final Delivery

Implementation of the Lisbon Treaty will make for more simple and easier communication between European governments By STANLEY CROSSICK Published in the Beijing Review 17 December 2009 After years of debate, disagreements and false starts, the European Union (EU) gave birth to the Lisbon Treaty, at long last, on December 1. First conceived on December… » read more

The machine tool sector fulfils a strategic role in manufacturing and as such is the key to any possible remedy for the economic crisis. The EU decision makers must take actions together with the machine tools sector, to help it survive and to make the whole of manufacturing industry in Europe even more competitive to… » read more

Europol (European Police Office) assists the law enforcement authorities of Member States in their fight against organised – an important role. Once again, however, Member State egos come before the interests of EU citizens, which means that Europol, will probably be without a Director when Max-Peter Ratzel retires next month. Unanimity is required for the… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Unreformed European school system ‘might collapse’‘: Thank you for reporting about the European schools and the public hearing about the system in the European Parliament. I draw your attention to a comment made by one of the parents during the hearing: when talking about the European schools and the issues connected to them,… » read more

The Conference of European Presidents have decided that three reports on the Lisbon Treaty (Brok, Dehaene and Leinen), adopted by the Constitutional Affairs Committee, would not be put to plenary. The reason is that a major public debate on arrangements applying the Lisbon Treaty could affect adversely the second Irish referendum. Parliament has obviously caught… » read more

‘Sylvie Goulard, the president of the French section of the federalist group European Movement International, believes Irish voters’ concerns on abortion, defence and tax issues must be addressed after they rejected the Lisbon Treaty in a referendum last month.’ The EU deliberately obfuscated the constitution and renamed it the Lisbon Treaty. They didn’t intend to… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘EU ministers: Treaty ‘not dead’, ‘emergency plan’ needed’: Following the Irish ‘No’ vote, the future of the Lisbon Treaty will be a key issue at the EU summit on 19-20 June. The European Union certainly needs more democratic and open decision-making mechanisms, as well as a greater degree of transparency that increases the… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Green Light from the Emerald Isle? Questions and Answers about Ireland’: In their paperPdf external , Hierlemann and Heydecker underline the important duty of Irish politicians to ensure that their citizens approve the Lisbon Treaty. So politicians should tell us ho to vote. How interesting. What happened to democracy? I thought the electorate… » read more

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