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Euro-Remorse in Estonia?

ON 1 JANUARY 2011, Estonia was duly ordained the 17th member of the Eurozone. Welcome to the party, my Baltic chums! Are the children of Kalev now waking up from their festive-season hangovers and thinking “Blimey, chaps! Look at our money! It’s gone all weird! What did we do!?” I wonder, do the Estonians have… » read more

Double up

The European Central Bank has just announced that it will almost double its ’subscribed capital’ over the next three years, from €5.76 billion to €10.76 billion. ‘Subscribed capital’ is the amount that countries pay into the ECB when they become fu…

Greek taxing madness

Today’s gloomy revelations from Ireland were followed by rather disturbing news from the Greek parliament.As part of a long-standing tradition to let tax evaders off the hook every three to four years, Greece’s parliament has rushed through a law whi…

The cost of living

An interesting article on Spanish website Citzalia.It looks at recent Eurostat data, which shows that, since the euro came into force, Spain and Greece have seen the highest increases in the cost of living throughout the EU. In comparison to the rest o…

If it wasn’t for me

We have just come across this rather amusing snippet from Labour leadership contender Ed Balls who, we learn via the Today programme, single-handedly prevented Britain from joining the euro in the latter part of the last decade (and the first part of t…

Over a year ago, a commentary on this page warned about ‘the result of President Barack Hussein Obama’s policy of pouring some 4.5 Trillion dollars into the US system. The aim is to buy out toxic assets created by toxic financiers and decades of toxic government policy. The problem is that it is likely to… » read more

Guy Verhofstadt, president of the European Parliament (EP) Liberal Democrats and former Belgian prime minister, briefed the European Policy Centre today on his vision for Europe. In his view the main underlying issue at stake is whether the EU uses the ‘Community method’ or intergovernmentalism. The Union will only progress if it reduces its intergovernmental… » read more

During the last European Council meeting, EU leaders made their position towards the Greek economic crisis clear: Greece will have EU’s help if the measures taken by the country fail to tackle the economic problems. In other words, Brussels will make sure that Greece will not need EU’s assistance; towards this direction, EU has proposed… » read more

Bang on the head

The EU’s finance ministers, and a handful of heads of state, are meeting today in another attempt to come up with answers to the ‘Greek question’. No details are expected to be announced, although an agreed decleration will give Greece a month to get d…

Thanks to the Euro, members of the Euro-zone have been able to weather the international financial crisis much better than those outside the euro-zone. Hungary and UK, not to mention Iceland, have seen their currencies coming under pressure for devaluation, as they lacked the solidity and solidarity of the single currency. It is therefore […]… » read more

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