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Les institutions européennes donnent souvent l’impression de vivre sous cloche, en circuit fermé. Les députés et fonctionnaires européens restent cependant peu présents sur le web 2.0, même si la Commission et le Parlement européen ont récemment trempé un orteil sur le réseau social Twitter. Les réseaux sociaux sont pourtant une opportunité unique pour l’Europe de… » read more

The worldwide New Green Deal is becoming a reality. Global revenues from all climate-related businesses are now worth a stunning $530 billion. It could even exceed $2 trillion by 2020. In Europe 3.4 million jobs are already directly related to the low carbon economy, compared to 2.8 million jobs in polluting industries. Climate change has… » read more

Exploiting the immense solar energy potential of the Sahara for supplying all countries around the Mediterranean and Europe with clean energy has been a vision since the technical development of large-scale solar power generation in the mid-1980s. In 2007 the Club of Rome has presented the DESERTIC Concept, the realisation of which would combine the… » read more

The new US approach on climate policy has led American oil and energy companies to redefine their positions. Realising that it is no longer possible to block any action aiming at reducing C02 emissions they now accept working with the Administration with the objective of obtaining the most business-friendly solutions. Their main concern is, of… » read more

General John Craddock, head of NATO forces, announced Sunday that attacks on drug lords and labs in Afghanistan will begin within the “next several days.” Lolita Baldor reports for AP: NATO defense ministers, during a meeting last fall in Hungary, authorized troops in Afghanistan to launch the drug attacks, but there […]  

Well, that could be one way of diffusing the ongoing EU/CIS standoff over EUropean energy supplies that recently saw death and destruction in Georgia and much of southern/eastern Europe lose gas supplies in the middle of winter. EurActiv reports that “Lawmakers in the European Parliament are considering inviting Russia to join the Union’s Nabucco gas… » read more

A l’occasion du Congrès du parti socialiste à Reims du 14 au 16 novembre, EurActiv.fr vous propose de relire la synthèse des dispositions européennes contenues dans les 250 pages des contributions socialistes épluchées par notre rédaction lors de l’université d’été du PS fin août. This post was submitted by Rédaction EurActiv.fr. Original post by EurActiv.com… » read more

Europe = ?

This morning your author found himself at a meeting and discussion about political foundations and their importance. Needless to say, I was there more by accident than design. It was organised by ENoP, European Network of Political Foundations Whilst it would be reasonable to suggest that political and civil society groups are not where my… » read more

Gasoline prices in Europe went up by about a quarter during the first half of 2008, to a peak of around € 1.50 in late July, a normal consequence of the spectacular rise of oil prices. For a short time, gas prices became the dominant concern of car owners, no longer able to pay for… » read more

When it comes to a new enlargement round in eastern Europe, the EU can’t go forward and can’t go back writes Krzysztof Bobinski. (SPRING 2008) In Ukraine, the EU’s failure to encourage the government in its European aspirations risks creating a growing disillusionment with the West. That would strengthen Russia’s position in Ukraine, where Moscow… » read more

The EU system shoots itself in the foot when it levels trade defence measures against low-cost competitors, warns Henrik Isakson of the Swedish National Board of Trade. SPRING 2008 The bottom line is that the EU really should not, under the guise of countering unfair trade, restrict competitors from exploiting natural comparative advantages just because… » read more

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