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Orgalime believe in the key role that manufacturing industry plays as a driver of Europe’s economy, both through the direct jobs that companies provide and indirectly throughout their supply chains, including not least the services industry. Our manifesto, ‘Maufacturing Matters’ serves not only the European Institutions but anyone who believes that industry counts. In […]

Mr. Giuliano Monizza (ABB) will speak on behalf of T&D Europe and Orgalime at the Renewable Energy Finance & Infrastructure Summit to be held on 28 and 29 January in Vienna, Austria. Following his presentation at the Electra conference in Ljubljana on 15/10/2009, Mr. Monizza will elaborate on how to deliver energy efficiency in […]

The European Parliament voted in its first reading the 10th of March 2009 on the Industrial Emission Directive – recast of the current IPPC directive. This proposal aims at regulating emissions and pollutants in the EU through the use of permits granting to single operators. Although we share and understand the environmental objectives of such… » read more

As already stated by Mathew Lowry on his blog, the European Commission has been dipping its toes into the Web 2.0 and trying out a new innovative way to reach out the European citizens online. After the successful experience of the European Parliament which has been campaigning to raise awareness on the European Parliament Elections… » read more

The RoHS recast proposal claims to simplify existing legislation and to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and administrative costs in line with Better Regulation principles of the EU. Also, the legislative environment in terms of existing EU law changed considerably since the entry into force of the initial RoHS Directive, which should have been reflected accordingly for… » read more

Update of the Orgalime REACH guide Since its publication on Orgalime’s website in May 2007, the REACH guide has been downloaded some 4600 times. The guide will be updated again in 2009, with an additional guideline on the Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) and the update of guidelines related to authorisation, restriction and article 33… » read more

Orgalime has just joined manufacturing crunch, a global online community for, and about manufacturers and manufacturing. The aim is to try to get some user-generated content from around the globe on issues like REACH, climate change, energy, health care, international tax, trade, immigration and workforce issues, among others………… Join the conversation too……….

In a letter to all MEPs, Orgalime has expressed it’s concerns with respect to the upcoming votes of the European Parliament on the draft Podimata report and draft energy labelling implementation measures for refrigerators and TVs. Orgalime requests their support for resolving, what in our view, are major issues in the establishment of the European… » read more

Orgalime have recently submitted their position papers for the recast of WEEE and RoHS. However, it seems that transparency and better regulation have been forgotten with their latest proposals. In terms of WEEE: A Lack of transparency. Notwithstanding certain stakeholder consultations before summer 2008, the Commission did not discuss key options chosen for the final… » read more

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