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ADAS has delivered a stark warning about the possible consequences of changes in pesticide regulations now being discussed by the European Union. James Clarke of ADAS has concluded that the potential impact on prices of the Commission proposals would be that farmers would need a 25 per cent increase in prices to make up for… » read more

The BCPC in the UK hosted a food chain forum in June, attended by growers, advisors, retainers, consumer organisations and government representatives. They came together to discuss the impact of EU’s proposed legislation on UK food production, availability and price. Not an uncommon theme right now in the media.The event was described as a “wake-up […]

Blogger, Wyn Grant, posted an interesting entry today on his blog Good Agricultural Practice. He is following the EU legislation reform on pesticides and is on the stakeholders’ committee involved in the implementation strategy of the Pesticides Safety Directorate in the UK. He’s fully aware of the dangers of pesticides, saying: “Pesticides are toxic and… » read more

Here are some more clips from interviews recorded at the scientific workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia, last week (see other blog entries below). Dr Ian Denholm, Rothamsted Research, UK, speaks about the need for radical steps to meet the growing demand for food in Europe, and Lise Nistrup from Aarhus Universitet, Denmark, outlines the effects of… » read more

Last night, I attended a press conference following a scientists’ workshop on the impact of the proposed revision of the EU’s pesticide legislation (Directive 91/414). Ian Denholm from the Rothamsted Research institute, presenting the workshop’s conclusions, pleaded to EU legislators to involve scientists in a thorough risk-based assessment of the proposed legislation, which he said… » read more

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