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Montenegro’s parliament approved yesterday a new government that is led by long-time Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic. In the parliament, 48 of 81 lawmakers approved the 21-member Cabinet. Djukanovic said that new government’s goal will be to speed up the this Balkan nation toward the NATO and European Union. Djukanovic has been a political leader in… » read more

Since this is the only English-language blog/news service focused on Montenegro and its politics, we decided to launch new project, called “Montenegro Open”. Since young Montenegrin state still has a lot to learn about democracy and freedom, most of medias are controlled by the government and the ruling party. That’s one of the main reasons… » read more

What happened to Montenegro? The tiny country who declared independence in 2006. looked so bright and progressive. It was called „Balkan tiger“ by many local analysts and politicans. Now, its struggling with problems. And this may be just the begining. The current political leadership (transferred from Communist Party into Democratic Pary of Socialists) leads the… » read more

Justice and Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi – AKP), is undoubtedly the dominant political force in contemporary Turkey’s political scene. It has been so since 2002 when it first came to power and keeps strengthening its position steadily ever since. It is indicative to mention that in 2002 it managed to attract a 34.43%… » read more

The 2008 European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) published today shows the EU is making progress in its innovation performance preceding the financial crisis. In parallel to the EIS, the 2008 Science, Technology and Competitiveness report also published today provides for the first time an overview of progress from 2000 to 2006 in both EU R&D investment… » read more

Selon plusieurs sondageset micro-trottoirsréalisés ces derniers mois auprès des citoyens européens, ces derniers expriment leur volonté de voir en leur futurs députés européens des femmes et des hommes connus à la fois pour leur implication dans la chose européenne et leur ancrage dans une ville ou une région. […]  

“Global Wind Energy Market Trends and Future Forecasts” ( http://www.bharatbook.com/Market-Research-Reports/Global-Wind-Energy-Market-Trends-and-Future-Forecasts.html ) report analyses the global wind industry. This report provides an extensive research on the growing wind industry at global as well as country level (28 countries have been covered in this report). Detailed data analysis will help potential investor to know the current market… » read more

In the US, twenty-nine of the biggest NGOs published a 391-pages policy document with recommendations for the new Obama administration on how to start the transition to a green and clean economy. The impressive report includes detailed proposals on how to endorse legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35% before 2020 and and 80%… » read more

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic on Wednesday held talks in Brussels with the European foreign policy and security commissioner, Javier Solana. At the same time, the Montenegrin Parliamentary delegation visited European Parliament. EP President, Hans-Gert PÖTTERING met the President of the Parliament of Montenegro. Main discussions regarded the application of Montenegro to become a Member… » read more

Several American medias reported about the strange meeting that John McCain had in Montenegro, during his visit in 2006. Extracts from the Nation magazine: In mid-September The Nation’s website published a photo of McCain celebrating his seventieth birthday in Montenegro in August 2006 at a yacht party hosted by convicted Italian felon Raffaello Follieri and… » read more

Dear friends and colleagues, This blog aims to follow important events about Montenegro and to present some of the positive and negative aspects of Montenegrin integration process into European Union. I noticed that Montenegrin bloggers rarely write in English about politics and future of their country, so I decided to join EU Blogosphere and offer… » read more

European Disunion

This is a guest blog post by Pat Patterson: Kenneth R. Weinstein, the CEO of the Hudson Institute, wrote a recent article in The Weekly Standard which argues that the divisions within the EU are greater and institutionalized than the more publici… Original post by atlanticreview

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