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Upon reading Robert Kagan’s commentary in the International Herald Tribune today (”Sliding toward irrelevance“), it’s tempting to quote the old adage that the people in democracies get the governments that they deserve. Mr. Kagan, author of the well-argued book “Of Paradise and Power” in 2003, argues that petty nationalism and navel-gazing are undermining Europe’s chance… » read more

Tomorrow, 8 April, the world celebrates International Roma Day[1]. The European Roma Policy Coalition (ERPC)[2] is taking an active part in these celebrations and highlights on this occasion the important cultural diversity which the Roma, Sinti and Traveller communities bring to the European Union. But these celebrations are also an opportunity to remind citizens and… » read more

The Spring Summit of European political leaders has been another showcase of why this generation of policymakers will be unable to deal with the current climate-energy chaos. Although the 27 decided to support the Commission’s climate/energy package, short-term protection of European (or better German, French, and other national) economic interests and jobs is still much… » read more

Politicians should stop pretending that decarbonising our economies can be done on the cheap. This is the conclusion of a damning analysis of EU climate/energy policies published by Oxford energy professor Dieter Helm in the Wall Street Journal today. Helm starts his evaluation with a critical look at the EU’s achievements in terms of emission… » read more

In a recent interview with EurActiv, Jeremy Rifkin expressed his belief that “Europe can lead the third industrial revolution”. In the closing debate of this year’s European Business Summit, the American author repeated his admiration for the EU’s policies but added cautiously that “the EU might well tell the right narrative, but the US could… » read more

ENAR has issued a Memorandum putting forward a seven-point call for action for the Slovenian Presidency to act upon when implementing its priorities in the fields of anti-discrimination and anti-racism. It calls on the Presidency to put the fight against racism at the heart of its commitments. ENAR in particular believes that the following actions… » read more

One year after it presented its first climate/energy package, the European Commission published [press release] on Wednesday 23 January five further proposals dealing with the strengthening and extension of its greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme (ETS); the individual commitments of member states to reduce non-ETS-sector emissions by 2020; the support mechanisms to produce electricity from… » read more

The Social Platform announced its seven tests for the Slovenian Presidency, upon which it will assess the government in Ljubljana at the end of its mandate in June 2008. The forthcoming Spring Council will launch a a new three year cycle of the Lisbon Strategy. Today, the Slovenian Presidency will submit to […] Original post… » read more

Most Germans say they aren’t benefiting from the country’s economic expansion, a poll conducted by market researcher Forsa showed in December 2007.Eighty-three percent of Germans said economic growth is neither to their personal advantage nor do their friends and relatives profit from it, the poll for stern magazine and RTL television found. Seventeen percent said… » read more

A bit of a different story today. Yesterday I had to defend the new internet-based journalism in the “Stand up for journalism” debate organised by three journalists’ unions in Brussels. The discussion focused on the commercialisation of media and its negative impact on journalists’ jobs. Speakers and union leaders Aidan White (International Federation of Journalists… » read more

Sweden needs quick action to adapt to the future effects of climate change, according to a new report (only in Swedish) commissioned by the Swedish government. Heatwaves, erosions along the coasts and increased rainfall are some of the negative effects to which the Nordic country will need to find answers but, on the other hand, forestry… » read more

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