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Oleksander Klymenko is former Ukrainian Minister of tax and revenue and founder of the public initiative “Restoring Donbass”. As the fragile Minsk Accords begin to collapse in Donbass, a new approach is desperately needed to end hostilities in Eastern Ukraine. Real resolution will require multilateral diplomacy. The Minsk process cannot be the only avenue towards… » read more

The winter of 2014 was marked by one of the most prominent events for Ukraine since gaining independence — Euromaidan. Exacerbation of political crisis, activization of radical nationalists activity in the capital was not welcomed by eastern regions of the country, which have always been loyal to ex-president Victor Yanukovych and the Party of Regions.… » read more

I had always presumed that life for a Russian billionaire must be pretty sweet. You know what I mean – private jets, international homes, super yachts, vast sprawling business empire, obligatory ownership of a football club, wedges of cash and lots of glamorous Russian girls. It all sounds pretty sweet to me! Obviously there have… » read more

To date, Russia’s strategic sights as regards to unraveling Ukraine’s statehood lie with Yemen, where the ship bulging with Russian arms, is tried to be passed for Ukrainian delivery-at-door in the best interest of the Yemeni rebels. Undoubtedly, considering a regular cut-throat rivalry with their Ukrainian counterparts, Putin’s arms trade moguls found themselves on the… » read more

The pan-European student organization had a conference in Burgos, Spain, on 18 to 21 February 2015. It again chose a visionary topic, and asked me for an opening statement, below. (video to be inserted) “Buenos dias, bonjour! Europe and Russia: Today’s challenge from a youth perspective. What a great topic! 1) Congratulations for gathering so… » read more

The Munich Security Conference’s theme for 2015 was the question “Collapsing Order, Reluctant Guardians?”. On this background, the main topic discussed during the event was Ukraine. A few days later after the conference ended, on Feb. 12, negotiations on Ukraine conflict completed in what the media calls the Minsk Agreement 2.0, giving a feeling of… » read more

Was für eine Woche! Zwei parallele Dramen in Minsk und in Brüssel, zwei Krisenherde, die es einzuhegen gilt, beide mit großer zerstörerischer Energie und dem Potential zu Kettenreaktionen, deren Folgen von niemandem absehbar sind. Und mittendrin und vorneweg: die deutsche Bundesregierung mit Angela Merkel und Frank-Walter Steinmeier an der Spitze. Vom Bundespräsidenten abwärts ist in… » read more

It’s 2015 and Ukraine has much in common with the famous cartoon from the 1950s. Like the Wile E. Coyote, its economy ran over the hill and is now suspended mid-air, treading on air. Inflation is upwards of 25%, foreign currency reserves are melting away to prop up a tumbling currency, the GDP contracted by… » read more

Tax evasion in Greece

Euractiv reported last week (5 February) that the European People´s Party (EPP) in the European Parliament intends to propose a motion of censure in the parliament against the right-wing Independent Greeks party. Following the recent election in Greece, they were included in a government coalition with the Syriza Party. Its founder Panos Kammenos has been… » read more

On the example of Russian-Ukrainian relations the world community faced a new type of aggression – the so-called hybrid war. The whole world observes the Russia`s funding and arming of insurgents on the south-east of Ukraine. With their help it performs military operations, organizes provocations, diversions, terrorist attacks in the territory of Ukraine, destroying infrastructure,… » read more

Low crude prices are now a fact and likely to remain so for the next few (or more) quarters. This is how long it will take the market to absorb the current supply glut and non-OPEC producers to cut output. The OPEC cartel has already made the decision to keep producing at current levels (at… » read more

Je suis Volnovakha

By Tyszecki Paris, January 11: one million of people out on the streets in memory of victims of the act of terrorism against Charlie Hebdo. Kiev, January 18: one million of people out on the Maidan to express their solidarity and indignation because of murder of Ukrainian civilians.

On 6th October 2011 the European Commission adopted a draft legislative package for the Cohesion Policy for the funding period 2014 – 2020. According to the draft regulations, European Territorial Cooperation will be continued and even reinforced as separate cohesion goal. The existing strands of cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation will be maintained. The European… » read more

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