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Knocking on the heavens door

A country that painfully reminds us of the divided Germany and the Berlin Wall, Korea, may be on the verge of a new war. The cause of that is the ship “Chenoan”, belonging to the Republic of Korea (the Southern part), that sank on the 27th March 2010. The government of the RK has […]

Europe is much larger than the USA. Is this that stupid? From the pure perspective of surface and number of square kilometres, of course, it is completely stupid and I should be banned from the Net forever. However, from a cultural and historical perspective, I think that Europe is much larger than the USA. […]

The UN Security Council has just approved new and tougher sanctions towards Iran. The new sanctions prohibits sales of heavy weapons to Iran, as well as it limits it financial activity. All members of the council agreed on the new terms except for Brazil and Turkey, who had closed a deal with Iran a couple… » read more

Israel has been widely condemned for its assault on a flotilla of humanitarian aid bound for Gaza. This was to be expected, but not some of the extreme statements coming from moderate countries. Even the EU response was biased. The EU condemned the use of violence and called for an independent enquiry. How could the… » read more

Feng Zhongping*, a politically influential scholar, gave an interesting perspective on the EU-China relationship. He insisted that Europe was important to China. However, it came third behind the US, and the neighbourhood countries of Russia and Japan. The EU is China’s number 1 trade partner and a valuable supplier of technology. But the EU’s political… » read more

Given the very long pregnancy and current birthing problems, many commentators voice pessimism about the EU External Action Service. First among the Cassandras are journalists, not always imune to cynicism, and sometimes confusing soundbites and trends. While I like many of them, I am more optimistic, also based on personal experience and anecdotes. ( One… » read more

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