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Turkey’s Datça cemetery: proof of tolerance I quote: “A multi-confessional cemetery in Datça provides evidence that people of different religions can live and be buried together, a prominent resident of the southern town has said in response to a controversy over graves in nearby Bodrum. “In Datça [in the southwestern province of Muğla], locals, foreigners,… » read more

Some observers of the Cypriot issue said on may 2010 that France and Germany are hiding themselves behind the Greek Cypriots in order to block Turkey’s European Union membership perspective (article in Turkish). Although Angela Merkel said that it was a mistake to have accepted the Greek Cypriots as members of the EU, she said… » read more

Some news regarding Turkey V

Good afternoon, here is a fifth cocktail about Turkey: EU report ‘most positive so far,’ says Turkish minister I quote: “”When I read the report and compare it with the previous 12 reports, the way I interpret it is we don’t have to wait for another 13 years or 13 reports for full membership. Membership… » read more

CHP chairman Kemal Kilicdaroglu spoke to NTV, one of Turkey’s premier private news channels. Kilicdaroglu announced that in Wednesday’s party caucus meeting he’ll be consulting members on the make-up of the Central Administrative Committee, CHP’s top decision making body. Kilicdaroglu was also asked his reply to PM Erdogan’s comments that “He’ll get used to politics”.… » read more

(This current article is a part of my previous article “Some news regarding Turkey IV” published earlier this month. But I wish I suggested it separately with a new title. I also improved it with an additional comment and several lines). To start with, in my blog I denounce the treason of the EU towards… » read more

Here is a fourth cocktail of articles from the Hürriyet Daily News: Turkish Embassy in Washington hosts jazz concerts I quote: “Mr. Ertegün in his reply said: ‘Yes we always take in our friends through the front door. If you like, you are welcome too, but we will take you in through the back door”.… » read more

First of all, several governments of the European Union want absolutely to organize a referendum about Turkey’s EU membership. But it is revealing that they didn’t want to organize a referendum about the Lisbon treaty (Ireland only organized one). That is crystal clear: they were afraid that their citizens might vote against that treaty, that… » read more

The EU has been in a process of permanent enlargements since its very beginning in 1958. In 2010 it is negotiating with two more candidate countries: Croatia and Turkey. It has given membership promises to six West Balkan countries (Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo). In the East, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia also cherish… » read more

Leader of the Opposition and the President of the CHP Mr Kilicdaroglu calls all the democrats to support his position on the constitutional amendments package put to the referendum. Please click here to view the letter of Mr Kılıçdaroğlu: http://bit.ly/bkxgEs Excerpts : The High Board for Judges and Public Prosecutors (HBJP) should be in compliance… » read more

To begin with, I’ve decided to read again the Hürriyet daily news newspaper and to post comments there for several weeks. However, I want to stress that I had stopped commenting articles on that newspaper during several months. I want to explain why: on the one hand, because there are many anti-Turkey commentators at the… » read more

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