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To those unfamiliar with the arcane workings of the CAP it may seem strange that the French government supports its farm organisations in favouring the reduction of guaranteed income subsidies – even as a quid pro quo for greater market support and protection. Surely a substantial dab in the hand for doing nothing is worth… » read more

In our last interview from the Future of Agriculture series, we have to Franz Fischler, former European Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries, and now Chairman of the Rise Foundation, an organisation that supports rural development. The main focus of his position on the future development of the European agricultural sector is on the… » read more

The Environmental Expert.com published an article recently about the development of a tool to help standardise risk assessment procedures for pesticides across Europe. The software combines climate, soil and crops data specific to each location to help understand the potential impact of each pesticide used. The objective of the FOOTPRINT project is to develop a… » read more

When I attended the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee of the European Parliament with colleagues on Monday to give evidence the question of an EU-wide impact assessment of the 91/414 revisions was again raised. The Commission response was that they had undertaken an impact assessment in 2006. However, this impact assessment is […] Original post… » read more

Last week, we visited Pekka Pesonen, Secretary-General of Copa-Cogeca, the European association for farmers and farmers’ co-operatives, operating in Brussels. In the first video, you’ll hear Pekka speaking about farmers’ views of the revision of the pesticides regulation, the difficulty in ensuring that imports have been subjected to the same conditions as products from within… » read more

When Farmers Weekly presented their Save our Sprays petition to German Green MEP Hiltrud Breyer, the response they received was interesting to say the least. It will be recalled that the UK regulatory agency, the Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD), has estimated that the cut-off criteria agreed by EU farm ministers in their ‘common position’ […]… » read more

The derogation issue

Those who claim that reports like that by the UK Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD) exaggerate the likely impact of proposed changes to EU pesticides legislation often point to the existence of a derogation in the Council’s common position. This would allow the continued use for up to five years of pesticides that would otherwise be… » read more

There are so many articles online highlighting the global increase in the cost of basic foods such as grain, corn, rice and the knock on effect this is having on the cost of beef. People fighting to get limited stocks of bread in Egypt, parents unable to feed their families in Asia due to staples… » read more

European Landowners (ELO) joined forces with Syngenta last week (27 March) to host a forum on the future of European agriculture. With a great programme, not surprisingly the event was well attended by a diverse group of stakeholders. I was there too and for the first time with a video camera, trying to capture various… » read more

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