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This story about pension reforms was published on 14th December 2010 by EurActiv. The European Commission confirmed yesterday (13 December) it had reached an agreement with Poland on giving countries that have reformed their pension systems more leeway over fiscal policy. In the meantime, the parliament in Budapest voted to effectively dismantle pension reform. The… » read more

This story about inconclusive Euro talks was published on 8th December 2010. The head of the IMF criticised the EU’s piecemeal approach to rescuing the euro currency from contagion as ministerial talks in Brussels yesterday (7 December) gave no succour to countries with worsening sovereign debt problems. IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn failed to persuade… » read more

This story about cross-border bank insolvencies was published by EurActiv on 19th October 2010. Failing cross-border banks might see themselves under the thumb of pan-European resolution authorities, if an EU proposal on crisis management, due for publication tomorrow (20 October), becomes a reality. European Union policymakers want large cross-border banks to comply with EU rules… » read more

This story about EU banking watchdogs was published by EurActiv on 3rd September 2010. EU negotiators reached agreement yesterday (2 September) on a package of measures to beef up supervision of the bloc’s banks, giving new EU watchdogs a mandate to overrule national authorities and ban risky financial products that were widely blamed for the… » read more

Marco Saba: AUDIT the European Central Bank While the euro monetary rent – hundreds of billion euros each year – is being masked in the ECB balance sheet (in the liabilities side instead of the assets side), we ask for a long due independent AUDIT of the European Central Bank. Please, do sign the petition… » read more

This story about a voluntary banking rescue fund was published by EurActiv on 13th July 2010. European Banking Federation President Alessandro Profumo yesterday (12 July) offered to set up a voluntary €20 billion rescue fund for failing banks funded by the top 20 EU credit institutions. Although the move follows Brussels’ push in this direction,… » read more

By Jim Egan, Principle Partner at Ferrumar. How the ‘Masters of the Universe’ view our world (Photo source) What delicious irony to behold the Goldman Sachs cult’s desperate attempts to evade its well-deserved public and political back lashings. Tout au contraire, that Goldman’s “… reputational damage is hard to gauge …” (The Economist, “Sachs and… » read more

I was on the radio this morning discussing with eurosceptic Tory MP Bill Cash the proposal that there should be some kind of common discussion among the member state governments and the European Commission about the national budgets of the member states. The European budget is of course agreed by the member states, but it… » read more

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