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This story about a potential bank levy was published by EurActiv on 26th May 2010. To prevent taxpayers from footing the bill for bailing out collapsing banks, the European Commission will propose today (26 May) that banks set up “preventive” funds, primarily financed from their liabilities and possibly their profits. The Commission’s proposal is based… » read more

Populism vs courage

The Greek crisis brought ‘village politics’ to the EU, as Finnish foreign minister Alexander Stubb recently said. He also spoke of “an internal crisis of the Western world”. Bad example is contagious. German Chancellor Angela Merkel staunchly resisted calls from other countries to promise help for heavily-indebted Greece. Ironically, this did not prevent her from… » read more

This simple truth has finally become evident; but it took the Greek financial crisis to carry the message home. In a 12 page communication of May 12th the EU Commission draws the appropriate policy conclusions for the EU and member states. Basically, the Commission insists on deepening and broadening the existing surveillance mechanisms of member… » read more

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