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Riding the Wave

China is not an exception to the world order as no other counrtry is. This is one of the hard –hitting lessons of the recent financial crisis. There is a big market for the Western –bashers who thinks that the Western world is declining and rising stars on the horizon like China would define the… » read more

Martin Wolf, the chief economics commentator at the Financial Times, told an Atlantic Council audience earlier today that the global financial crisis has “re-emphasized the centrality of the U.S. dollar as a currency” and demonstrated once again that “when things go really badly lots of people want go to the U.S. even if U.S. is… » read more

Stop blaming the bankers

In times of crisis, people always need scapegoats in order to avoid having to look at one’s own responsibilities and this financial crisis is no different. But blaming bankers is a bit too easy when one looks at this crisis from a systemic and sustainability point of view. We have all enjoyed living beyond our… » read more

On the 15th of October the PES organized a Prime Ministers’ meeting, prior to the EU Summit. Yourspace met Sergei Stanishev, Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Wouter Bos, Minister of Finances and deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands, and Alfred Gusenbauer, Austrian Chancellor, and recorded their comments on the current financial crisis – what is behind… » read more

Spending on “green infrastructure” will be the key to avoiding a severe recession according to a new study published by Deutsche Bank’s Asset Management division. The report will scare the climate sceptics who are still hoping that the financial crisis will kill the world’s climate efforts and the EU’s climate/energy package. Necessity and opportunity should… » read more

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and many other EU leaders at the EU Council building in Brussels, are currently discussing how the EU nations can keep their ambitions about reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020 and how to deal with the impact of the financial crisis. In a meeting with RT HON… » read more

Crises always have their positive by-effects. Who would have thought only a few months ago that the EU is able to play an effective role in the international arena outside its traditional competence for international trade! And here we see the EU rising to the challenge of three major crises the world is confronted with.… » read more

The energy-and-climate-crisis deniers are having a hell of a party these days. The financial crash has raised their hopes that global warming, peak oil and all the other “humbug” will finally be kicked off the political agenda. One climate policy “monitor” even served us the ludicrous title: “EU: saving the economy or saving green dreams?”… » read more

There is only one issue of concern these days in Brussels and other capitals: the widening of the financial crisis into a recession! The speed at which the crisis, which has started some 15 months ago in US mortgage financing, has accelerated in the last three weeks is awe-inspiring. Governments have failed to realise the… » read more

Pascal Lamy, Director General of the World Trade Organization, has been invited as a keynote speaker in the EBS workshop entitled “Protectionism: an increasing concern?”. In his keynote address to the WTO Public Forum on 24 September 2008, he explicitly warned against possible surges in protectionism that the global financial crisis could bring about. Referring… » read more

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