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The financial crisis that began in 2007 has put the spotlight firmly on how corporates, especially those in the financial sector, have addressed issues such as risk, reward, governance and ethics. The difficulty lies in the balance to be struck. Now that the global economy appears to be climbing gradually out of downturn, it is… » read more

G2, G3, G7, G8, G20…

A G20 summit was held in Pittsburgh on 24-5 September 2009. Hosted by President Obama, there was quite a turnout. Leaders in attendance were: States Argentina Cristina Fernández de Kirchner President Australia Kevin Rudd Prime Minister Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva President Canada Stephen Harper Prime Minister China Hu Jintao President France Nicolas Sarkozy… » read more

Gordon Brown, in a whirlwind trip to Brussels and the Americas, is seeking to ensure that there will be broad consensus at the G20++ summit in London next month on, in particular, stimulus packages and new regulation. There is consensus as to the existence of a global economic and financial crisis, but on little else.… » read more

G20 action-oriented

The much heralded G20 Washington meeting of 15 November has come and gone. Did it live up to its hype? Was it just a talk shop? Will it be remembered next year? Some dust has settled and it is possible to draw preliminary conclusions.The successful holding of a meeting bringing together such an unwieldy group… » read more

Seats at at the high table

Those entitled to attend this week’s G8 meeting in Washington are its 19 country members: France – Germany – Italy – UK Russia – Turkey Canada – US Argentina – Brazil – Mexico Saudi Arabia – South Africa China – India – Indonesia – Japan – South Korea Australia plus EU (Presidency and ECB) IMF… » read more

The Sarkozy factor

We all knew that when trying to second guess the French President, we would be dealing with a “known unknown”. Which Sarkozy would we meet on any issue: the dynamic, highly intelligent and focused one or the egotistical, overbearing impetuous one? So far, so very good. His leadership on the financial meltdown has been excellent;… » read more

Europe’s hour is coming?

President Bush, Nicolas Sarkozy (current EU President) and EU Commission President Manuel Barroso, met at Camp David on 18 October to discuss the continued coordination of steps needed to solve the crisis in today’s global economy. They agreed to reach out to other world leaders with the idea of beginning a series of summits on… » read more

(Borrowing the style of Le Point) En hausse Gordon Brown – Extraordinary success in influencing Euro and American leaders Nicolas Sarkozy – Successfully drove EU leaders to agree EU package Manuel José Barroso – Sarkozy seems to have changed attitude towards him. Invited to Camp David with Sarkozy Dominique Strauss-Kahn – His stark warning influenced… » read more

Yesterday’s decision, announced simultaneously by six important central banks (including the ECB, US Fed and Bank of England), to lower their interest rates by 0.5%, was a welcome and indeed historic exercise in international cooperation. Long may the cooperation last! Despite a number of bold steps by national governments to increase liquidity in the banking… » read more

A cosy financial club?

Government legislates. Regulators apply the resultant regulation. Financial institutions are expected to comply with the regulations, with particular responsibility falling upon supervisory boards and non-executive directors. The blame game between them resolves nothing and any system has to recognise the greed and moral limitations of human nature. What needs further examination, however, is […] Original… » read more

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