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The following contribution was written by Laura Stoicescu, alumni of the College of Europe in Bruges (2009-2010). The views given are her own. The outbreak of the ‘Club Med’ debt crisis in January 2010 took the financial world by surprise, as it was stemming from one of the most unlikely places: Europe. The same Europe… » read more


Open Europe published a new briefing earlier this week, looking at the creation of three new EU supervisors to oversee the insurance, banking and securities sectors. The proposal also paves way for the creation of a so-called European Systemic Risk Boa…

As a Greek, for the last months, I have been spectator of my country’s delirium against Angela Merkel. The reason behind Greeks’ negative stance towards the German Chancellor has been Berlin’s reluctance to activate the EU/IMF bail-out plan for Greece before the country’s government adopts substantial measures to tackle the economic problems. This is only… » read more

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