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“The only way to solve a conflict at any level of society is to sit down face to face and talk about it.” (John W. McDonald) A new peace mediation study , that states Finland’s accomplishment in the field of mediation and conflict prevention, was released on Thursday, May 6, 2010 by the Ministry for… » read more

There is one dilemma while voting EU elections in Finland. You draw the number of candidate to election ticket which will create the total amount of votes to party the candidate represents. If the Party gets enough votes the most voted candidates in their list will be the next MEPs. The dilemma is that the… » read more

A common utterance “money talks” is sometimes used also related to elections. One could suppose that if voting matters the parties or candidates are investing more to win elections. Normal marketing is sometimes not guaranteeing enough votes so in many societies more crude means are used such as election fraud/rigging, non-transparent and illegal political campaign… » read more

Article published in EDRi-gram 7.1 While some European countries block the illegal content (mostly child pornography websites), other are considering implementing a similar measure through a hidden list. However the past month has shown, one more time if necessary, that usually the list of any blocked content will leak and thus the allegedly blocked content… » read more

Article published in EDRi-gram 6.17 Electronic Frontier Finland’s (Effi’s) ’shadow report’ on the Finnish e-voting pilot has been translated into English and is available now on Electronic Frontier Finland web pages. The original Finnish version was published on 19 June 2008. The English version has been updated to include commentary on the University of Turku… » read more

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