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The latest developments in the science of fish stocks are a further blow for opponents of the EU’s powers over fishing policy. (Read about them here.)The Common Fisheries Policy quite rightly gets a lot of criticism for the way it has been implemented, but its nationalist critics want to abolish it altogether. Their claim is… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Spain tops EU fishing ‘overcapacity’ ranking‘: I am sure you are all too familiar and have continuously read about the ocean’s dwindling fish stocks time and time again. Even Joe Borg, the EU fisheries commissioner, has admitted to getting the European’s fishing strategy all wrong. He stated that 88% of EU stocks were… » read more

If you want a flavour of the political challenges we face in dealing with global climate change, then take a look at European fisheries. It’s a disaster area! We should heed the warnings it sends. For year after year political expediency has triumphed over the evident need for drastic action to save a vital resource… » read more

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