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Grave defects in THREE current treaties and agreements will affect your money and Democratic structures across Europe — for the worse. The European Council is trying to force through unethical and undemocratic treaty proposals. It aims to create the European Finance and Stability Facility/Mechanism (EFSF), the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), and the Fiscal Compact (TSCG).… » read more

On September 11 President of the Russian Federation V.Putin signed the Decree which limits the international activity of Russian strategic companies. It became “the Russian answer” to the decision of the Eurocommission which started an investigation in terms of the Russian monopolist on suspicion in violation of the antimonopoly legislation of the EU. In particular,… » read more

From yesterday’s (weds) speeches by José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, and Michael Barnier, Internal Market Commissioner, we now have a little more detail on the Commission’s proposals for a European Banking Union. In particular, the modified roles of the European Central Bank (ECB) as the banking supervisor within the 17 member states… » read more

By Berber Verpoest Shifting gears from the austerity years, EU leaders recently proposed injecting EUR 120 billion into the European economy. In practice, half of this amount will come in the form of loans from the European Investment Bank (EU member states, EIB’s shareholders recently decided to increase the bank’s capital by EUR 10 billion,… » read more

The two dominating trends among EU leaders are to cut losses of players in virtual economy at the expense of taxpayers and to guide EU towards strict federation at the expense of democracy. The financial crisis has been in headlines already a few years. Despite continuous emergency meetings between EU and especially Eurozone countries no… » read more

‘Fortress Europe’

London and Berlin side over protectionist policy Britain and Germany are more natural economic allies than Germany and France, it’s often said. Yesterday, in Brussels, this was starkly illustrated when Michel Barnier, internal market commissioner, unveiled the EC’s proposals for “reciprocity” in global public procurement markets. “The EU should no longer be naïve and should… » read more

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