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After years of sporadic online discussions, the formal founding forum of Bulgaria’s Pirate Party was held in Sofia on April 11 2009. Delegates from 20 Bulgarian towns adopted the articles of constitution and the party’s political programme, the party said in a statement on its website. Like other similar parties world-wide, the Bulgarian Pirate Party… » read more

Article published in EDRi-gram 7.1 While some European countries block the illegal content (mostly child pornography websites), other are considering implementing a similar measure through a hidden list. However the past month has shown, one more time if necessary, that usually the list of any blocked content will leak and thus the allegedly blocked content… » read more

Published in EDRi-gram 6.19 The Bergamo Criminal Court overrules the seizure, but establishes a case law that is a violation of civil rights. On 16 August 2008 ALCEI reported to the Italian Data Protection Authority the violations of law contained in the pre-emptive seizure order issued by the Justice for preliminary investigation of the Bergamo… » read more

Article published in EDRi-gram 6.18 ENDitorial: A stupid law and a perverse “criminal” sentence by Giancarlo Livraghi – EDRi-member ALCEI Italy “Censorship” was abolished and outlawed in Italy sixtytwo years ago. Freedom of the press and of personal opinion is not only established by the Constitution, but also deeply rooted in custom and in all… » read more

In a recent article entitled ‘Journalists sound alarm over press freedom in Europe‘, EurActiv.com wrote that in Slovakia there are marked tensions between journalists and government. That’s true – most notably the tension between Prime Minister Robert Fico and private media. The current Slovak government is everything but press-friendly. The past case of journalist Martin… » read more

As of 1 January 2007 a law took effect in Finland allowing the Police to maintain a secret blacklist of child porn sites and distribute it to ISPs so that these may block access to those sites. Use of the lists is ostensibly voluntary to ISPs, but there have been rather strong hints of […]… » read more

Article published in the EDRi-gram 5.24 A public workshop held in Ukraine on 12 December 2007 was aimed to discuss the issues regarding the regulation of the new online media. The workshop was organised by Internews Ukraine together with the Council of Europe and the National Commission on Freedom of Speech and Development of the… » read more

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