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by Sir Christopher Audland, former Deputy Secretary General of the European Commission/// The debate in the UK has for a while now been revolving around the notion of “reforming” the EU. A lot has been said about improving the way the EU operates but, as it is often the case, the rhetoric ignores existing initiatives… » read more

Europa and Public Sphere

Public sphere has been changed through the process of the European integration since 1957. Nation’ s public sphere has been gradually transformed while a new cosmopolis has been emerged. European Union is not a nation yet but it is composed by several nation-states that want to cooperate because they cannot survive the globalization effects. Public… » read more

Building hope – Part 1.

I’ve often wondered how a Union Party should look like. What values and principles should it uphold, who should populate it, and what color should it have – green, red, blue, yellow? What would make a Union Party a strong party, a fair party, one that would separate itself from the measly debates of everyday… » read more

In europe@s, we do to ourselves today echo of a press release of the Group Spinelli for commeorar the Anniversary XXX of the Project Spinelli: ” Tomorrow (Friday) 30 are fulfilled anniversary of the approval by the European Parliament of the project of constitutive Agreement of the European Union. The referee was Altiero Spinelli. The… » read more

Two tier Europe – really?

by Dr Richard Corbett, Member of the European Parliament 1996-2009, Advisor to the President of the European Council 2010-14, MEP candidate in the May 2014 elections/// People have been discussing a multi-tier Europe for decades: after all, the ECSC project in 1950 created what was then seen as a two-speed Europe, involving just 6 of… » read more

A game of borders

Ever since its creation the EU has been plagued by a game of borders. Everybody in it held tightly to their borders and while at first it might have been seen as a matter of geographic lines on the map, this issue has long overstepped that context. We’ve moved on from borders in a traditional… » read more

I am European

TweetI am European. Before anything else. I have assumed this identity. I was lucky. I grew up in a decent sized town just outside of Bucharest, Romania’s capital, that offered me a wealth of opportunities to develop my personality – I wrote at a student magazine and I worked as an editor for the same… » read more

[Happy Birthday, BloggingPortal! For the birthday present, scroll down] Last Thursday I finally caught up with Eric Maurice of PressEurop, which recently had its plug pulled by the EC following their decision to cancel its renewal tender some weeks after publishing it (sign the change.org petition, check out the team’s volunteer blog). For those who […]

I want my real EP option

By Horatiu Ferchiu We’re closing in to the European Elections. Soon, very soon, I will be one of the people of Europe voting for their future. And I have a problem: most of those that presumably are going to run for a MEP position are people that come from established Romanian parties. It bothers me… » read more

The dream that is EUrope

TweetEUrope is a dream. A perfect dream. A dream of freedom, democracy and pursuit of happiness. Whenever I travelled outside my country, into the EU, I never had a bad experience. I was never discriminated against, I was not chased down the streets, I was never bullied or ill treated by anybody. I have friends… » read more

At the December 2013 European Council Meeting, EU heads of government pledged to pursue the enlargement of the EU and the eurozone. The list of candidates is quite long. The next challenge for the EU is the accession of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo – six small, mostly multinational countries of the Western… » read more

I have been reading a lot lately, on some interesting issues – the failure of the classic party system, challenges facing democracy today, developments in metropolis’ powers, populism resurfacing. All of these are connected. Because all of them deal with the future. And with politics and the way people respond to politics today. The history… » read more

An EU referendum and when?

by the Rt Hon Baroness Joyce Quin, Vice-President of the European Movement UK/// There has been much discussion recently in the press and elsewhere about whether or not an in/out referendum on our membership of the EU should take place and, if so, when such a referendum could or should be held. Last Friday in… » read more

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