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European Parliament (Christian Wohlert) Voters from across the European Union will elect 751 deputies to the European Parliament in May. Proportional representation and voter apathy have long made European elections a prime target for fringe parties, but current polling numbers suggest that this year’s election may mark a watershed moment. France’s Front National (FN) could… » read more

The European Union has been faced with mounting problems in 2013. As in 2012 and 2011. Coming down to the year-end accountings, what is left for the Union is a mixing taste of hopefulness and deception for the deeds and the wrongdoings. The year 2014 will be the year of the elections for the European… » read more

By Christophe Leclercq Quand le sens de l’histoire s’infléchit grâce aux peuples, les politiques doivent saisir l’opportunité de lancer de nouveaux projets mobilisateurs. Les manifestations de Kyiv en novembre / décembre 2013, avec des drapeaux européens, rappellent non seulement la révolution orange de 2004, mais aussi le renversement de l’ancien régime à Berlin en 1989.

EurActiv’s informal polls indicate 2/3 EU policy stakeholders are not satisfied with current policy-making tools. They agree that social media have increased transparency (VoteWatch, Webcasting, surveys…) but not yet accessibility and efficiency. They expect EU Community to focus on relevant policy topics, make working life more productive and connect sub-communities in an active European public… » read more

At local level, ICT and social media have already influenced several debates by blocking legislation, federating contributors and proposing new ideas. Here are some examples. Maybe you have others? 2005 French EU Constitution referendum – First time in Europe, civil society organisations and informed citizens used social media to defend an opinion and ultimately defeat… » read more

By Joop Hazenberg Jan Techau is the director of Carnegie Europe, a think-tank in Brussels that focuses on Europe’s foreign policy. I had a fascinating interview with him, because the discussion focused on precisely the right issues of my book ’The Next Europe’. If you read Techau’s blog, you may get pessimistic about Europe’s future:… » read more

Ukraine in center of attention

By Yehven Magda Our country is enjoying the renaissance of interest on the part of the powerful players in big politics. The last time it happened in Ukrainian history was at the beginning of the 90’s straight after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Today Kyiv and Brussels need and a compromise giving an opportunity… » read more

A Parliament, a headquarters

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, the 19th of November a resolution will be debated – and on Wednesday, the 20th it will be voted – in the European Parliament in the one that steadies itself that ” The European Parliament would be more efficient, profitable and respectful with the environment if it was placed in the only… » read more

Historically, governments in Western countries used to stay in office for four years, a heritage of two centuries US constitutional tradition. For the majority of EU member countries four years continue to be the norm, though some like UK, France and Italy have shifted to five years and others like Germany may consider doing so… » read more

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