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Governance is one of the buzzwords that politicians, scholars and civil society use to define a unique blend of relationships that make the EU such a distinctive construction in terms of functions and representation. Traditional governments are not capable anymore to capture the dynamic of inter-governmental agreements and supranational decision-making processes having a direct impact… » read more

A session of the EuroPCom conference yesterday gathered communication or campaign directors from four parties: EPP, PES, ALDE, Greens, plus me as moderator. Despite euroscepticism in the countries and frankly some cynicism in Brussels, I left the Delors building rather encouraged: yes, this campaign can make a difference. The main change is not in the… » read more

Sobre José Luis Valverde

  In a previous entry, we were saying that the book Europe, thought and action 1945-2012, of Jose Luis Valverde, Professor Jean Monnet of Law of the EU, is ” of obliged reading “. In europe@s, we have realized the opportune negotiations to contact the Prof. Valverde that, in spite of the fact that in… » read more

A need for balance

by Diogo Pinto, Secretary General, European Movement International /// The European Movement has existed since 1948, inspired by, amongst others, Sir Winston Churchill. We understand the need for, and constantly demand a stronger, more democratic and prosperous European Union; but, crucially, we understand the value being united brings to all involved. What we see through… » read more

Will Merkel be more pro-EU now?

Now that she has won a third mandate as Chancellor, Angela Merkel might decide to give more impetus to the European project. Merkel has argued that a treaty change could help enforce fiscal rules to avoid repeats of the debt crises plaguing members of the eurozone. Even those who reject federalism agree that without further… » read more

EC president Barroso’s 2013 “State of the Union” speech and the opening of the information campaign for the European Parliament’s elections next May, almost coincided a few days ago. They both left us with more questions than answers. By Petroula Nteledimou of Greek Union of European Federalists (UEF Greece) No matter how much we want… » read more

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