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Since Obama’s second term, the U.S. administration has begun shaping an older idea concerning the economic-policy approach that needs to be changed; an approach driven by global economic developments and by those of the U.S. economy. The results already bear fruit: Japan has recently joined the Transatlantic Strategic Economic Partnership (TPP) and the first round… » read more

On June 23, we were speaking here on a test of qualified Ulrich Beck ” a German Europe “, in which between other things it was said: Beck explains to us how, with Angela Merkel, we are happening from an European Germany (Thomas Mann) to a German Europe. One month later, EL PAIS publishes… Read… » read more

In a report published on Monday, July 8th, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says the developed world is economically recovering, while growth is slowing down in major emerging economies. The IMF has also presented a review of the 3.3% economic growth forecast announced in April 2013. The IMF chief, Christine Lagarde, has estimated… » read more

Un an avant la fin de la septième législature européenne, l’évaluation du programme de Stockholm, qui arrivera aussi à son terme en 2014, se rend désormais nécessaire. Conçu pour la période 2010-2014, le roadmap suédois est le troisième plan de l’Union Européenne en matière de liberté, sécurité et justice, après les cycles de Tampere (2000-2004)… » read more

Brits go home

Guest post by “Yuri Diabolos”, European Commission Civil servant, Brussels The current debate on Brexit in England is raising strange arguments in Brussels, the consequences of which may not be considered in London. Reading the outcome of last month’s summit, I was frustrated that most commentary focused on how much a given Member State had… » read more

Connecting a country of over 20 million people in the European Union is a complex process. No one can blame a particular person, a political party or even a public institution for this. Although paradoxical, the “macro procedure” of the national-European relationship is mostly a technical algorithm, requiring specific expertise in multiple sectors (legislation, social,… » read more

A moins d’un an des élections européennes, nombreux sont ceux qui ont déjà peur des résultats. Abstention massive, montée des partis extrémistes et eurosceptiques… les motifs d’inquiétudes sont multiples et la pression ne va aller qu’augmentant à mesure que le scrutin approche. Afin de désamorcer une bombe qui pourrait éclater dans la figure des Européens,… » read more

Croatia becomes the 28th member state of the European Union today, 1 July 2013. A date that marks the completion of a long journey that sees Croatia re-join the European mainstream after 22, often painful, years. Not everything will change overnight, and Croatia still has many challenges to overcome. But Croatia’s accession to the EU… » read more

Federalism is not MTV

Tweet For the past few weeks, due to a very busy schedule, I’ve been less active than of late. But, as it seems, this has provided me with quite an unique outlook on what is going on with European Federalism lately. And I think I needed this to properly understand why federalism is not picking… » read more

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