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US Government is to offer Georgia personal radiation meters within the framework of the ‘Export control and frontier safety’ progamme with total cost some $207,000. The Georgian Emergency Ministry will receive 21 detectors and the Georgian police patrol department 71 , with the officers undergoing special training with the new equipment.

For the first time in several years a flight of a Russian air company (S7 airlines) to Georgia took place today. From now on flights will operate three times a week on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.Flights between the two countries were stopped after the conflict two years ago, but transportation has now been restored.

The following has been submitted to Blogactiv by Bruce Talley. 2008 Events The August 2008 conflict in South Ossetia was the first time that many in the West were aware of either South Ossetia or Abkhazia. Both regions fought bloody wars of independence with Georgia in the aftermath of the breakup of the Soviet Union.… » read more

The results of the Global Peace Index for 2009 suggest that the world has become slightly less peaceful in the past year, which appears to reflect the intensification of violent conflict in some countries and the effects of both the rapidly rising food and fuel prices early in 2008 and the dramatic global economic downturn… » read more

Demonstrations against President Mikhail Saakashvili continued fifth day on April 13th in Georgia. Consolidated opposition demands president’s resignation, early presidential and parliamentary elections being held in the spring 2009. So far the participation to protests is not enough to implement Rose Revolution II but two new regional questions have potential to develop conflicts and change… » read more

Today (2nd Dec. 2008) the Foreign Ministers of Nato have decided during their “transatlantic dinner” that Ukraine and Georgia will not get the NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP). US, Poland and Baltic States were supporting MAP for both states however “the old” continental Europe was against. The background is of course recent conflict in Georgia,… » read more

Powergame in EU-Russia summit

EU summit meeting on 14th Nov. 2008 with Russia in France is designed to reopen talks on a pact of cooperation after the crisis in relations caused by the Georgia conflict on August 2008. Before meeting hard words have been changed over Kaliningrad missiles, Nato radars and EU/OSCE monitors in Georgia. However the core question… » read more

Most of the media reporting of the meeting of the European Council in Bussel was, understandably, on the financial crisis. The following is a summary of all decisions, which is worth browsing, as it gives a flavour of the priorities and extent of current activities:(para numbers do not necessarily correspond to conclusions) Summary 1. Finance… » read more

The op-ed by Henry Kissinger and George Shultz (International Herald Tribune, 30 September) is worth a careful read. I do not share Kissinger’s balance of power view of the world but this is not the theme. They favour a rapid evolution toward EU membership for Ukraine, questioning the urgency with which NATO membership of Georgia… » read more

Perhaps my frustration is causing too much repetition of what I write. But I am depressed at our collective failure in Europe to pull ourselves together. Forget for a moment the Lisbon Treaty, instititutional reform, administrative reorgnisation…It is indisputable that that the European Union has helped bring peace, stability and prosperity to Western Europe and… » read more

The United States is apparently continuing to fight the Taliban on Pakistani soil without government approval. Wasn’t that once an act of war? Last month, Russia attacked Georgia, rightly giving rise to widespread Western condemnation. Arguments can be proffered as to the difference between the two but both involve illegal territorial interference with national sovereignty,… » read more

Western weakness spurred Russia’s invasion of Georgia. The image of the leader of the free world grinning watching Olympic volleyball and basketball while Russian tanks penetrated deep into Georgia captured the moment. What did KGB alumnus and strongman Vladimir Putin see when he surveyed the world scene while baiting his trap for the Georgians? President… » read more

Nicolas Sarkozy is so proud of what the EU at the behest and through FRANCE has achieved in Georgia: At the behest of the French presidency, Europe put itself on the front lines from the outset of hostilities to resolve this conflict — the third … Original post by atlanticreview

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