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Geothermal Anywhere company and its partners received together three public grants of total US$ 3,700,000 from EU funds (more information here). The first one we described in the previous article. This flagship project is focused on core rock disintegration technology. The other two, with the total value of almost US$1,600,000, aim to do research and… » read more

Geothermal Anywhere company was granted by total US$ 3,700,000 in order to do applied research in the field of ultra deep drilling, for three ULTRADRILL technology pillars. The flagship pillar project “Applied research and development of innovative drilling technology for ultra deep geothermal wells” has been awarded with value of more than US$ 2,100,000. In… » read more

Geothermal Anywhere‘s ULTRADRILL robotic platform is composed of seven components, we wrote on Tuesday. The one that stands in the core is called GADigger. GADigger is responsible for the rock disintegration. Despite the classical drilling methods, this one uses PLASMABIT technology. It is not the method based on physical contact between the rock and the… » read more

To this time, we wrote just about geothermal energy in general and we also introduced ourselves. The time has come to start talking about Geothermal Anywhere‘s innovative drilling concept that could find the huge sense when it comes to geothermal energy, but at the same time, ULTRADRILL (as we call it) could become the useful… » read more

Last week, some of our colleagues participated at GeoPower Europe 2009 Conference in Munich in Germany (more general facts on this link). We would like to share some personal observations and remarks: The price of ultra deep drilling as well as risks linked to Enhanced Geothermal Systems are two main obstacles of geothermal energy expansion,… » read more

Maybe you know quite useful online utility „Google Insights“. Thanks to this service, provided under cloud computing, you can compare search volume patterns across specific properties. We looked closer at demand for keywords „geothermal“, „solar“ as well as „wind“ (among searches via Google). We compared just searches linked to industry and this made us to… » read more

While delegates from all corners of the world participate UNFCCC climate negotiations in Copenhagen (COP15) and these days they try to find a way how to tackle CO2 emissions, under their feet lies the clean energy source that could cover the total demand for electricity and heat in Denmark, EurActiv.sk informs. An extensive geological exploration… » read more

Strong and weak aspects one can identify when studying various issues. Let’s summarize impacts of geothermal energy. In this shot we will write about impact on environment, the next one will be focused on human health impact. The linguistic origin says that „Geothermal“ represents the heat coming from Earth’s depths („Geo“ like Earth, „thermal“ like… » read more

Phenomenon of geothermal energy is not the discovery of our generation. At the very beginning of it, in 1852, Lord Kelvin focused his attention on natural heat as an enormous source of power at disposal for human being. On the other hand, knowledge on field of physics had been not enough developed in order to… » read more

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